In a small room, Coolzy can heat the air in the upper part of the room. If this happens, use an electric fan to improve ventilation and move the warm air out of the room.

Here are some suggestions to help you.

Use a fan to blow cooler air at floor level into the room

Or, use a fan inside the room, near the window, to blow warm air out .

Or, use a fan inside the room to blow warm air out of the doorway.

A vertical fan provides a compact solution.

Another solution is to use the fan outside the window to blow air inside the room.

This works really well at night when outside air is cooler.

You can easily observe slow air movement to test your fan arrangement. Smoke from a cigarette will reveal any air movement. Another way is to use a piece of a spider’s web. Catch some spider filament on the end of a pencil or piece of wire. The loose end of the filament will reveal the slightest air movement. Remember that air may move one way through the upper part of an open door or window and another way through the lower part.