Which Portable AC is Best for a Boat?

A Coolzy portable air conditioner of course! Why? because a Coolzy is the smallest, lightest, quietest and lowest energy consuming portable air conditioner on the market. It’s a multi-award winning portable AC with a track record of success and thousands of happy customers.

Coolzy - Power Cruiser Boat Portable Air Conditioner
Coolzy - Flybridge Cruiser Boat Portable Air Conditioner
Coolzy - Canal Boat Cruise Boat Portable Air Conditioner

Tessa Bruyns

I love our boat but loath sleeping in it. When we’re anchored in the bay which is normally humid, it gets hot and sticky. The Coolzy has breathed new life into our adventure because I know don’t dread overnighters! Thanks Coolzy!

Chris Struwig

We booked Burgundy – Nivernais – Loire on a canal boat … after the first night it wasn’t comfortable to sleep on because it was too hot and muggy. We ended up getting a Coolzy which worked nicely. Recommend.

Matthew R.

In Perth we head to Rottnest island in summer. We never use the onboard AC cause it pulls 3000w and drains the battery. We got the Coolzy for low power usage and so far so good.

Chantelle Reid

Our yachts gets hot in the flybridge cause the clears act as a hot house. We got a Coolzy to help the skipper on a hot day. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up too much space on deck.

What is the Best Portable Air Conditioner for a Canal Boat

Have you though of renting a canal boat to cruise the famous canals of France. It sounds idyllic, chugging gently through the French towns and countryside, stopping for baguettes, fromage and vin rouge at friendly villages.

Think again.

You will try and sleep through still, humid nights, sweating, tossing and turning, especially during a ‘canicule’, a dreaded heat wave with winds off the Sahara desert just across the Mediterranean sea.

Air conditioners are rare in France and almost unknown on boats. Air conditioning is not mentioned in the alluring brochures and web sites.

Now you can look forward to comfort on your grand tour. A Coolzy will make your tour cool and comfortable. Compact, light and easily portable, you can order one a few days ahead to meet you at your boat yard.

If you stop where there’s power, you can just plug it in when you need it. Otherwise a tiny generator will easily run it when you need cooling as it only needs 340 Watts.

Coolzy focuses the cooling on people, just where you need it. So you can live the French style, open doors and windows with fresh clean air.

And, when you’re done, offer it for sale on a Facebook group to another family of frustrated tourists looking for cooling comfort on their grand tour.

Coolzy canal Boat France

What is the Best Portable Air Conditioner for a Yacht?

When under sail, sailing yachts can be the most pleasurable and peaceful form of maritime activity imaginable. The reason for this is that it is completely in-tune with nature, using nature’s power to propel it towards your destination. The romanticism behind this is easy to see, especially without a noisy, smelly engine that would otherwise break the serenity. 

Unfortunately, without an engine, the boat is likely not generating much energy. If any energy is being made, it is by a wind power generator or solar panels. While both are wonderfully environmentally freindly, neither produce a large amount of electrical current and therefore your options for cooling solutions can be very limited indeed.

Or are they?

A Coolzy only runs on 340watts of power. That means a moderate power generation system would be enough to enjoy the benefits of genuine refrigerated cool air. Imagine sailing your vessel to the Maldives, and after a very hot day in the sun, enjoying a cool glass of wine below deck in front of an even cooler portable air conditioner. So sailor, you know what you need? You need a Coolzy!

With it’s super compact design, a Coolzy can fit on any vessel! and without it’s unique focused cool air technology, it will work in any hull.