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With rising energy prices, inflation, talk of recession, Coolzy provides you with the lowest cost cooling solution. Yes, your mini split is great for cooling a crowd. But, do you sleep with a crowd? You can be cool and comfortable and save so much by using a Coolzy for sleeping.

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So How Much Does a Split Air Conditioning Cost?

Let’s calculate some simple figures. Assume you will need air conditioning for 5 months through the summer, 12 hours a day.

First a mini-split.

A mini-split will need about 1,000 Watts on average for a medium size room, up to 1,800 Watts for a larger room in humid summer heat. The least you can expect to pay is $1,700 – $2,800 to have one installed.
Allow $80 monthly to pay that off on a credit card over three years. Next add $55 – $95 monthly for the electricity to run it for five summer months. That’s with average US electric tariff at $0.15. In some cities the electric bill will be twice as much. You’ll pay $3,600 – $4,400 in just the first three years.

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What does a Coolzy cost to run?

With Coolzy, $18 monthly will pay it off over three years and your monthly electric cost will be around $18. At the end of three years, you will have paid at least $2,500 less than your friend with a mini-split. Wow! Every month in summer you will be saving more than your monthly costs.
If you already have a split air conditioner installed and buy a Coolzy to use instead, you will save about $1,800 over the first 3 years. After you have paid it off, you will save about $800 every year. And, we haven’t even considered the cost of annual maintenance on each split air conditioner.
It gets even better. You will need a mini-split in every room where you need cooling. Weighing 34 lbs, Coolzy is so easy to move, you take it where you use it.
And, just in case you’re thinking of using a traditional portable AC with the exhaust pipe… Think again. You will only get around 5 – 7 degrees cooling, noise too loud for most people to sleep with, and you will still pay $1,500 – $2,000 over the three years in electricity and repayments.
And if you’re super-strong and comfortable carrying 70 lbs around with you, you can even move it from room to room.

Apparent cooling effectMonthly purchase repayment (one unit)Electricity cost / month
Ceiling fan4 °F$ 5$ 15
Coolzy7 – 11 °F$ 18$ 38
Portable Room AC5 – 7 °F$ 15$ 134
Split (small room)18 °F$ 80$ 112
Split (large room)18 °F$ 80$ 200
Split (already owned)18 °F$ 0$ 200

How did we calculate the above figures?

  • We used published electricity tariffs for April 2022.
  • We used the Excel PMT function to calculate monthly repayments over three years assuming 18% credit card interest rate.
  • We used published data for average prices and electricity consumption.
  • We assumed 12 hours daily use for five months cooling each year.

So which air conditioner is the cheapest to run?

A Coolzy is easily the cheapest way to keep yourself cool with genuine air conditioning from a compact and portable air conditioning unit.

As discussed above, there are times when a mini split AC is best and times when you should use something else. Generally, portable AC’s are super inefficient, noisy and very heavy (which means they’re not very portable).

Our customers think that the best solution is a Coolzy. It’s the smallest portable AC, it’s the most energy efficient portable AC and it’s the quietest portable AC. You can use it in the study while you work from home, then pick it up and put it in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

Of course you can! but the performance would be terrible. A traditional portable AC is hopelessly inefficient because they use large, energy hungry components that consume cast amounts of electricity and therefore create vast amounts of heat. Some of these machines are 3000 watts! When the machine’s running, that massive energy consumption is turned into heat and pumped into the hose pipe. The hose get’s ultra hot and ends up acting like a heater in the room.

By contrast, a Coolzy uses only 340 watts of energy because it is using the very best internal componentry. It uses these components to remove heat from the air that is blown to the user. This heat is pumped out the back of the machine but because it’s using so little electricity, the heat is relatively small. In large rooms, it doesn’t even need to be vented as it dissipates into the room. However, in smaller rooms, it needs to be vented by opening a window or using one of our Coolzy Tails.

The Coolzy is the first portable air conditioner designed to be used without a hose as long as the room is large enough.

The Best Cheap Portable AC is the Coolzy-Pro. It has won more independent awards than any other portable AC on the market due to it’s incredibly small size, genuine compressor driven internal components, super low noise, ultra portability and low energy consumption. It has won best portable AC for both 2022 and 2023.