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Use All Day. Low Power. 80% Less Carbon.

It’s estimated that up to 10% of all green house gas emissions are generated by people using air conditioners. Our goal was to create a portable air conditioner that uses little power and therefore creates less carbon. The Coolzy is the most environmentally friendly portable AC.


Low Power

Less Carbon

More Sustainable

A Coolzy is a small, low power portable air conditioner that will run all day for less than a $1 of electricity. Think of it as a small fridge with a fan inside it. A Coolzy is compact so it can be installed in a dog house or wherever animals rest. It has patented focusing technology that direct the cold ait that it produces at a particular spot that an animal sleeps in. This ensures the animal can rest and not overheat. A Coolzy is a genuine A/C that uses real refrigerant and a compressor to create a steady flow of cool air. A Coolzy never requires water or ice.

The best green AC Coolzy

You’re looking for a green, eco-friendly aircon solution? 

Coolzy reduces your carbon footprint for air-conditioning by as much as 80%.  

Coolzy is air-conditioning re-imagined for a zero-carbon, sustainable world with a warming climate. 

Is there a green, eco-friendly air conditioner? 

The second law of thermodynamics tells us that removing heat from your home or office requires a lot of energy. It takes even more with high humidity. Not only do you have to cool and dehumidify the air, but you also have to cool the walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. A super-energy-efficient mini-split will cut your energy use by maybe 20%. But to avoid the environmental consequences of air-conditioners we need a five-times reduction, a genuinely sustainable solution.  

Is there a green, eco-friendly portable AC?

Yes! Coolzy reduces the energy needed by around 80%. Coolzy cuts greenhouse emissions by even more, and its amazingly affordable. Coolzy is a truly green air-conditioner. 

Have you ever heard walls, floors or ceilings complaining about the heat? Of course not. It’s only people that wilt in the heat, and perhaps some pets too. 

What is an eco-friendly, green air conditioner? 

Coolzy is elegantly simple: a tiny fridge with a fan inside that blows a focused stream of cool air.  

Coolzy has special technology that concentrates cooling where it counts, on your face and neck. Coolzy creates a micro-climate, concentrating the cooling in a small area, around 30 – 40 square feet. The focusing technology in Coolzy means that the electrical power is reduced by about 80% compared with a conventional air-conditioner.  

Coolzy avoids wasting nearly all the energy used to cooling walls and floors that don’t need cooling. 

At, we cool people, not rooms! 

What makes Coolzy the best green air-conditioner? 

Not only do you save on utility bills, and reduce your environmental footprint by at least 80%, you also gain significant health benefits. 

Coolzy works best with open doors and windows. Fresh outside air circulates freely, greatly reducing the risk of infections from airborne viruses and bacteria. You can avoid the well-known sick building syndrome caused by pathogens that lodge in your ducting or mini-split air-conditioner. 

Unlike people who live their entire summer with air-conditioning round the clock, you will retain your natural acclimatization to heat. so you will feel more comfortable outdoors. You will need less air-conditioning in your life. Your children will be healthier and more resilient too. 

The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Green Air Conditioners 

The second law of thermodynamics tells us that heat flows naturally from hotter materials to cooler materials. The ice in your cold drink melts on a hot day as heat flows from the warm air and the warm table-top, through the glass, into the cooler water. 

An air-conditioner or refrigerator reverses this natural flow of heat. But to do that, the second law of thermodynamics tells us that you need energy. Electric energy drives a refrigeration machine that absorbs heat at a cold surface and moves that heat to a hot surface, contrary to the natural flow of heat to cooler materials.  

Pet dog with air conditioner Coolzy

In your home the cold surface is inside the indoor unit of your mini-split air-conditioner on the wall. A fan moves air past the cold surface to make it cooler. The hot surface is inside the outdoor unit. Another fan moves air past the hot surface to discharge the excess heat into the atmosphere.  

With a typical mini-split, you need about 1800 Watts of electricity to move 5,400 Watts of heat outside, equivalent to about 18,000 BTU per hour. The coefficient of performance is therefore 3:1, 3 units of heat for every unit of electricity. Under ideal conditions, a warm but not so hot summer day, a super-high-efficiency mini-split might have a coefficient of performance as high as 4.5:1.  

Can there be a green air-conditioner, according to the second law of thermodynamics? 

There are really only four ways you can significantly reduce the energy needed for your air-conditioner: 

  1. Install a super-high-efficiency air-conditioner or ground-source heat pump.  
  2. Insulate the walls and use double or triple glazed windows that block the heat flowing into the room from the outside. If you don’t cool the entire building, you will also need high quality insulation inside the internal walls to stop heat flowing into your cooler room with air-conditioning. 
  3. Draft sealing stops warm outside air entering the rooms through cracks, under doors, and through light fittings. The European passiv-haus technology is a good example. However, you may need a special heat-recovery ventilation machine to provide fresh air, and get rid of accumulating carbon dioxide, body odours and volatile organic chemicals that slowly escape from plastics, paints, and many types of furniture. 
  4. Only cool the people who need it, and avoid wasting energy by cooling an entire room or building. Buy a Coolzy, the tiny green, portable air-conditioner that just cools you. 
Technician with solar panels that can run a portable AC

What if I am using solar panels?

How does that affect my environmental footprint? 

Using solar panels can reduce your environmental footprint. But you need to know how best to do that. First we explain the three environmental impacts from using conventional air-conditioners. 

Why are conventional air-conditioners not eco-friendly? 

There are four ways that using an air-conditioner causes environmental harm: 

  1. Manufacturing the air-conditioner and transporting it from the factory to your home; 
  2. Direct emissions caused by refrigerant gases that leak slowly, and may be released during disposal at the end of its life; and 
  3. Indirect emissions caused by generating electricity with fossil fuels to run your air-conditioner, particularly at night. 
  4. Waste heat from the outdoor unit of your air-conditioner helps to heat the urban environment, making cities hotter places which need more air-conditioning! Air-conditioners contribute to the well-known urban heat island effect. 

In principle, Coolzy is just a small air-conditioner, so it also affects the environment in similar ways. However, it is so small and uses so little power that it’s effects are tiny in comparison to conventional air-conditioners.  

Environmental impact from manufacturing and transporting an air-conditioner  

It might surprise you, but making and transporting an air-conditioner to your home or business generates the smallest of the three contributions. There are two calculations typically used. The first calculates the likely equivalent carbon dioxide emissions contributing to atmospheric warming, typically about 150 kg CO2 equivalent for a conventional mini-split aircon unit. 

Direct refrigerant gas emissions 

All but the smallest air-conditioners like Coolzy use refrigerant gases that have hundreds of times more impact on our climate than carbon dioxide. Older air-conditioners use gases with as much as 2,000 times the impact of carbon dioxide. These gases leak over time, and when you dispose of them at the end of their lifetime, its often hard to find someone to recover the refrigerant gas from your machines. If you use your air-conditioner overnight through the summer and on weekends, leaks and loss of refrigerant gas will contribute 10 – 20% of your overall emissions according to industry data. Your total direct emissions may be as high as 1.2 tonnes CO2 equivalent over the life of your machine. 

Are air conditioners eco-friendly? 

Conventional air-conditioners are certainly not eco-friendly. Indirect emissions from electricity generation needed to run air-conditioners cause the greatest damage to the climate. This is particularly true at night when the sun is not shining and the wind blows more gently, reducing renewable power availability. 

It is much better to use renewable solar electricity to reduce the environmental impact of your aircon energy consumption. 

Some energy utilities offer green power options – for a higher tariff, you can purchase sustainable renewable energy to run your home or business. 

If your utility cannot provide affordable green power at your location, then here are some other options. 

How to make a conventional air conditioner more eco-friendly with solar panels 

Run your air-conditioner on solar panels through the day to make the best use of solar electricity. During the day, set the thermostat low to super-cool your home so it stays cool through the night. At night, set the air-con thermostat as high as you can so you only use the minimum amount of power if you still need cooling. 

You can install a battery to store solar electricity which you can use at night. However, you will need a large battery. A typical mini-split aircon will draw nearly 2 kW, so you will need 20 kWh capacity to run each air-conditioner through the night. At today’s prices, that will cost around $20,000.  However, your investment will avoid up to 0.7 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. And of course, you will also save on your utility bills as well. 

How to make an eco-friendly air conditioner 

The best option is to use a Coolzy at night. Because Coolzy runs on only 340 Watts, a cheaper 10 kWh battery will run your home and two Coolzy aircons through the night. Not only will you almost eliminate your indirect emissions, but you will save on the battery cost. That’s a truly sustainable aircon solution with negligible emissions. 

And remember, call a refrigeration technician to recover the gas when you dispose of your Coolzy after years of use (we are still using Coolzys made in 2017). There is less than a pound of gas in your Coolzy, compared with 3 – 4 pounds in a conventional mini-split, and there are no leaks because the pipes are permanently welded.  

In other countries, Coolzy uses R290, a natural refrigerant with negligible climate impact. However, the USA is still to approve the use of R290 refrigerant. 

Comparing Coolzy to other Portable Air Conditioners

Other light weight, portable air conditioners range from $999 (Zero Breeze) to $1499 (EcoFlow Wave) but they aren’t all the same. Their Coefficient of Performance (CoP) is lower: these are highly inefficient machines. Coolzy does not mix the cool air with the room air. Instead the cool air is carefully focused at the user’s face and upper body. Coolzy sends warm air from the back to the ceiling, just like a kitchen refrigerator or freezer. This gives a Coolzy the highest CoP on the market!

The Best Most Mobile Air Conditioner Comparison Table

Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner Rating

Zero Breeze Mark 2

  • Power – 240 watt
  • Cooling – 2300 BTU
  • Weight – 26.5 lbs
  • Noise – 52 dBA
  • Dimensions – 20″ x 10″ x 11″

Cost $999

Camping Portable Air Conditioner Rating Coolzy


  • Power – 340 watt
  • Cooling – 3650 BTU
  • Weight – 34 lbs
  • Noise – 45-54 dBA (subject to fan speed)
  • Dimensions – 22″ x 10.8″ x 15″

Only $499

EcoFlow Camping Portable Air Conditioner rating

EcoFlow Wave

  • Power – 1200 watt
  • Cooling – 4000 BTU
  • Weight – 39 lbs
  • Noise – 55 dBA
  • Dimensions – 21″ x 12.2″ x 16″

Cost $1,500

What makes Coolzy unique

  • Instant cooling, no need to wait
  • Smaller, lighter and easy to carry
  • Sound 44 dB – 54 dB
  • Only $19/month electricity cost, other conventional portable A/C’s cost $112/month or more (12 hours daily use)
  • Concentrated cooling to the person
  • Patented Focusing technology
  • Highest Co-Efficient of Performance (CoP) on the market

The best portable airconditioning unit

Technology has advanced and now there are real mobile air con solutions. Coolzy-Pro
is a awards winner for the Best Portable Air
Conditioner 2022 based on customer reviews.


traditional portable A/C

Portable AC

Traditional AC

Ceiling Fan

Designed for:Personal cooling 7-15°F apparent7-8°F room coolingCooling a crowd 18°F cooling~4°F apparent cooling
Electricity used:340W. ~70c per night1800 W $4 per night400-2400 W $3 - $5 per night50-90 W~15c per night
Installation cost:$0$0$2000$200
Noise level:45-55dBlow, medium, high60dB30-50dB25-65dB
Portable: 33lbs80lbs
Outdoor use:YesYes

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Coolzy is a small, lightweight portable air conditioner designed to be used anywhere you need cooling. Coolzy is just like a tiny refrigerator with a fan that blows cool air directly where needed. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about if Coolzy is right for you. Terms and Conditions apply.

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