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Quiet. Low Noise. Peaceful.

A Coolzy-Pro is one of the most quiet portable air conditioners on the market. It’s operating sound is between 45dB and 55dB (similar to a standard fan). This makes it an ideal sleeping companion or for use at home while on video calls.


Ultra Quiet

Ultra Compact

Low Power

A Coolzy is a quiet, low power portable air conditioner that will run in the background and not disturb your conversation. A Coolzy-Pro can be run at 45dB, 50dB and 55dB. For reference, a very noisy dishwasher will generate around 50dB of noise and a running shower would be around 70dB. By comparison, a Coolzy-Pro is very quiet.

How our portable A/C works

A compressor pushes refrigerant gas into a condenser heat exchanger where a fan blows air through the fins to cool the refrigerant gas so it condenses to a liquid. The liquid, still at high pressure, passes through a thin capillary tube or an expansion valve, reducing the pressure. The low pressure liquid is squirted into a second heat exchanger called the evaporator. Here the liquid evaporates into a cold gas, cooling air flowing past the tubes. The gas, now warmer, passes back to the compressor where it is compressed once again. More info.

Comparing Coolzy to other “Quiet” Portable Air Conditioners

Comparing noise levels for portable air conditioners is tricky for the simple reason that most air conditioner companies either don’t publish their noise rating, or they simply publish false information. To be sure, we did our own testing, all of which is available on our YouTube channel. While we couldn’t test all units on the market, we did test the most popular choices. It’s fair to say that most machines will be very similar as they mostly use the same compressors purchased from the same factories. Our top three results were as follows:

The Best Most Mobile Air Conditioner Comparison Table

LG LP1419IVSM Smart

  • Power – 1370 watt
  • Cooling – 10,000 BTU
  • Weight – 55 lbs
  • Noise – 62 dBA
  • Dimensions – 22″ x 33″ x 20″

Cost $699

Camping Portable Air Conditioner Rating Coolzy


  • Power – 340 watt
  • Cooling – 3650 BTU
  • Weight – 34 lbs
  • Noise – 45-54 dBA (subject to fan speed)
  • Dimensions – 22″ x 10.8″ x 15″

Only $499

DeLonghi Pinguino 4in1

  • Power – 2100 watt
  • Cooling – 7,500 BTU
  • Weight – 84 lbs
  • Noise – 64 dBA
  • Dimensions – 16″ x 30″ x 18″

Cost $765

What makes Coolzy unique

  • Instant cooling, no need to wait
  • Smaller, lighter and easy to carry
  • Sound 44 dB – 54 dB
  • Only $19/month electricity cost, other conventional portable A/C’s cost $112/month or more (12 hours daily use)
  • Concentrated cooling to the person
  • Patented Focusing technology
  • Highest Co-Efficient of Performance (CoP) on the market

The best portable airconditioning unit

Technology has advanced and now there are real mobile air con solutions. Coolzy-Pro
is a awards winner for the Best Portable Air
Conditioner 2022 based on customer reviews.


traditional portable A/C

Portable AC

Traditional AC

Ceiling Fan

Designed for:Personal cooling 7-15°F apparent7-8°F room coolingCooling a crowd 18°F cooling~4°F apparent cooling
Electricity used:340W. ~70c per night1800 W $4 per night400-2400 W $3 - $5 per night50-90 W~15c per night
Installation cost:$0$0$2000$200
Noise level:45-55dBlow, medium, high60dB30-50dB25-65dB
Portable: 33lbs80lbs
Outdoor use:YesYes

An evaporative air conditioner (normally called an air cooler), works by evaporating water into the room. This uses very little energy BUT it also is less effective AND it needs to be filled with water regularly. Air coolers do not work in high humidity.

A compressor-driven portable air conditioner uses refrigerant to cool the air. Compressor-driven portable air conditioners are more effective at cooling and work in all environments.

There are several advantages to using a mobile air conditioner like Close Comfort:

  1. Portability: Mobile air conditioners are designed to be portable, which means you can easily move them from one room to another. This is especially useful if you live in a small apartment or don’t have the space for a traditional air conditioning unit.
  2. Easy to Install: Mobile air conditioners are easy to install and don’t require any complicated setup. You simply plug them in, and they are ready to use.
  3. No Installation Required: Unlike traditional air conditioning units, mobile air conditioners don’t require any permanent installation. They don’t need to be mounted in a window or a wall, which means they are ideal for renters or anyone who doesn’t want to make any permanent changes to their living space.
  4. Energy-Efficient: Mobile air conditioners are typically more energy-efficient than traditional air conditioning units. They only cool the area where they are located, which means they use less energy overall.
  5. Cost-Effective: Mobile air conditioners are often more cost-effective than traditional air conditioning units. They are generally less expensive to purchase, and they use less energy, which means you’ll save money on your electricity bill.
  6. Eco-Friendly: Mobile air conditioners are often more eco-friendly than traditional air conditioning units. They use less energy, which means they produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  7. Quieter: Mobile air conditioners are typically quieter than traditional air conditioning units. This is because they don’t have an outdoor compressor, which is the source of much of the noise associated with traditional air conditioning units.
Mobile Air Con in Small Room

Small air conditioners provide limited cooling. Therefore it’s important to understand this limitation and how to use these devices.

A small camping air conditioner cannot cool a whole room. A small room needs at least 10,000 BTU/hr cooling capacity because of it’s thermal mass (the walls and furniture). If you want to cool a small room, with no insulation, you will need at least 12,000 BTU/hr cooling capacity which would be a big, heavy (very un-portable) air conditioner.

A large room, with little or no insulation, will need ~18,000 BTU/hr to cool the whole space (more in hot conditions). This is highly impractical for renters as you won’t be able to remove the A/C.

An alternative is to focus the cool air to only cool the person (instead of the entire room). This saves energy and cost. A Coolzy uses patented focusing technology to focus a stream of cool air directly to the person as a result. The Coolzy’s focused cooling is much stronger than a regular A/C this is spending most of it’s energy trying to counter the effects of it’s super warming evacuation pipe..

A Coolzy requires only 340 Watts. It weighs only 37 lbs and doesn’t always need to be vented. This makes it a truly mobile air con unit.

For information on using a Coolzy in an RV or caravan, click here.

Quiet Portable Air Conditioner – How noisy is it?

Noise is usually stated as a number followed by ‘dB’, an abbreviation for ‘decibels’. It’s helpful to describe different perceived noise levels on a qualitative scale. Encyclopedia Britannica and provide the following common noise level descriptions:

90 dBLoud bus interior, very noisy restaurant
80 dBFood mixer, blender
70 dBBusy street noise, loud telephone ringing
60 dBSewing machine operating, several people talking
50 dBPerson talking quietly, quiet pedestal fan
40 dBQuiet room, no one talking


The perceived noise level also depends on the surroundings. For example, noise in a room will sound louder with bare walls and floor so that sound reverberates around the room. Carpets, curtains and soft furnishing will absorb much of that noise.  For simplicity, listening to someone speaking across a room is hard for most people if the noise level is above 60 dB.  Most people can sleep easily with background noise around 50 dB or less.  In fact, many people find it hard to sleep without noise: they prefer some background noise to silence.

Also, the context of the noise can influence perceptions. For example, a sudden noise like a cup dropped on the floor can be very disturbing in the absence of background noise. In addition, we soon adapt to greater or lesser levels of background noise.

Some sounds have high pitch, or frequency, such as a whistle. Others have a low pitch, or low frequency, such as distant thunder. Speech has a mixture of medium frequencies. Sometimes you will see a noise rating specified as dBa or dBA. When many different frequencies make up the noise, the “A” weighting compensates for the way people hear different frequencies, so the rating is closer to the way the people will perceive sounds.

When it comes to an appliance like an air conditioner, the perceived noise level also depends on distance to the listener. Noise levels are often standardized at a distance of one metre, about three feet.

How noisy are portable air conditioners?

Most portable air conditioners on the market range between about 58 db and 68 db. For most people that’s too loud for a bedroom. Above 60 dB a conversation in the room may be difficult to listen to.

A few portable air conditioners are quieter, around 52 dB. Almost always, the machine noise has been reduced by using heavier components, so these machines typically weigh 70 – 80 lbs, 32-34 kg. That makes them anything but portable.

Even then, most people find it harder to sleep with sound in the bedroom above 50 dB.

The quiet portable air conditioner

One notable exception is Coolzy, a tiny portable air conditioner invented in Australia. Used correctly in a bedroom, the perceived noise is about 46 dB on its low fan speed which makes it ideal for sleeping. There’s enough background noise for people who cannot sleep in silence, and not enough to disturb most other people.

Unlike most air conditioners, Coolzy is designed to be used with open windows to ensure fresh air circulates for better health and less risk of infection. Therefore, some background noise is important so that noises from outside don’t disturb sleep.

Can an air conditioner be too quiet?

The designers of evening breeze told us that their earliest model was too quiet. Unlike Coolzy, their machine is a fixed installation in a bedroom. It is not portable at all. Like Coolzy, it’s a low-power localised air conditioner designed to be used with windows open. The first prototype produced around 30 dB of noise, a very quiet humming noise. Unfortunately, even faint noises from outside like owls hooting would disturb sleepers, so they had to increase the noise level!

How much noise is OK for daytime?

Would an old-style portable aircon be OK for daytime use, even with a noise level around 60dB? Authoritative sources such as tell us that noise levels well below limits that cause harm can still affect health and well-being. Noise contributes to stress and impaired cognitive performance. Therefore, a sensible option is to choose the quietest portable air conditioner that you can afford, not only the purchase price, but also the long term running cost.

Coolzy comes out way in front on both noise and total ownership cost.

The Coolzy-Pro has a few advantages that work in it’s favour when comparing it’s sound to others. Firstly, we only use the BEST internal components. While some factories use cheaper compressors, we only use the best Reechi or Panasonic inverters (depending on model). These compressors are class leading, have the best lubrication and use the best bearings available. Secondly, a Coolzy-Pro is a low power device which means it isn’t drawing massive amounts of energy to drive large components. The result is less wasted energy on creating internal mechanical inertia with sound as a by-product. Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, we worked with jet fighter aeronautical engineers to design our internal fan impellor. We focused on air volume and turbulence which means our units get the most air per revelation and waste very little energy on turbulence. The result is a lovely smooth and quiet fan speed.

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Coolzy is a small, lightweight portable air conditioner designed to be used anywhere you need cooling. Coolzy is just like a tiny refrigerator with a fan that blows cool air directly where needed. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about if Coolzy is right for you. Terms and Conditions apply.

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