Mistral portable air conditioners powered by Coolzy patented technology

Press Release: Mistral Taiwan, the globally renowned manufacturer and retailer of portable air conditioning units as well as other appliances, has today officially licenced the Close Comfort Coolzy patented technology for portable air conditioners. Mistral CEO, Henry Tsung said “We have been looking at the Coolzy portable air conditioner for some time and we are excited by it’s technology. We believe it’s focus on cooling the person, and not the room is a novel approach. We believe that adding the Coolzy to our portfolio of products will allow us to satisfy a growing market for environmentally sustainable cooling solutions that are low power and high efficiency.” The agreement represents a watershed moment for Coolzy in that it is the first major retailer to licence it’s patented technology. Toby Osmond, Coolzy COO was quoted as saying, “The relationship with Mistral offers industry validation, in addition to our awards and thousands of happy customers. We’re proud to be working with Mistral Taiwan”.