Energy-efficient Air Conditioner that Cools Without Warming the Planet

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the urgent need to make more sustainable choices. As paper straws, recyclable packaging and biodegradable materials are replacing our old ways, people are also looking for more eco-friendly cooling systems.

Choosing a more energy-efficient air conditioner is a great way of reducing greenhouse gases and doing your bit to ease the strain on our planet’s energy resources. Here’s why…

The Need for Sustainable Air Conditioning Solutions Has Never Been Greater

Global demand for electricity increases every year, placing even greater strain on our warming planet. According to an analysis by the International Energy Agency, the growing use of air conditioners in homes and offices around the world will be a major contributing factor to the rising energy demand over the next three decades.

Research has shown that air conditioning accounts for almost 40% of electricity bills in the home. That is because most current air conditioners are based on technology that is a century old. Also, older buildings were never designed to conform with modern insulation standards. Electricity grids in many countries, even Australia, have been brought to their knees because so many of us reach for the remote and turn on our air conditioners in hot weather. The latest IPCC report estimates that by 2100, with current technologies, emissions from residential room air conditioners will be about 15% of today’s total emissions. Yet, we need to eliminate all greenhouse emissions by mid century!

It’s clear to see that air conditioning is a major culprit in the rising energy demand. But home and office cooling poses yet another threat to the environment: Leaking HFC refrigerant gases have a global warming potential of up to 4,000 than that of CO2. And these gasses, released from billions of powerful air conditioners, could make climate change 25% worse than today’s forecasts.

A significant factor impacting apparent temperatures is what’s called an Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect – caused by the heat generated from human activities and trapped by urban surfaces such as buildings and roads. Air conditioners and automobiles, diesel, petrol and electric, are major contributors. Cars, housing blocks and office buildings with aircons eject volumes of hot air that heat up the surrounding areas.

The need for sustainable air conditioning solutions has never been greater. Fortunately, there’s hope. Thanks to Coolzy’s ground-breaking cooling technology, a more sustainable option is available in the form of one of the world’s best eco-friendly air conditioners. Coolzy uses four to eight times less energy and one fifth of the refrigerant used by normal room air conditioners. Also, Coolzy uses natural R290 refrigerant that has negligible climate impact, something that’s not possible with larger room air conditioning machines.

Everyone can now afford air-conditioned comfort, while living within a sustainable energy budget for the planet!

Say Hello to Coolzy’s Green Cooling System – the Air Conditioner that Saves Electricity

A refrigerated air conditioner with low power consumption has been a pipedream until recent technological breakthroughs. Coolzy’s eco-friendly personal air conditioner has been designed to make cooling less energy intensive and more environmentally friendly using unique and patented eco-friendly personal cooling technology. This innovative unit is transforming the world of air conditioning by saving between 75% and 85% electricity.

What’s different about Coolzy personal air conditioners?

Localized Cooling

Coolzy technology will help slash anticipated greenhouse gas emissions from normal room air conditioners significantly while saving money for everyone. It seems too good to be true, yet it is true.


Less Refrigerant

Saving energy is not the only thing that makes Coolzy’s unit one of the most environmentally friendly air conditioners in the world.

Wall mounted air conditioners have a large quantity of refrigerant that needs to be replaced with annual servicing and maintenance. Inevitably, these powerful greenhouse gasses slowly leak through the screwed joints at the indoor and outdoor units, making them a major contributor to global warming.

Coolzy, on the other hand, only uses a tiny amount of natural propane refrigerant gas. The gas is inside permanently welded tubes, like most domestic fridges which never normally leak. Compared with refrigerant gases used in room air conditioners, propane has negligible climate impacts. The small amount of refrigerant used, together with the way in which the gas is sealed inside, makes Coolzy one of the most eco-friendly portable air conditioners available today.

Run Your Coolzy Personal Air Conditioner All Night for Less than One Dollar

Saving energy at home is not only good for the planet but also great for your pocket. Requiring only 340 Watts to run – the equivalent of just four old-fashioned light bulbs, Coolzy personal cooling systems are far less power-hungry than the bigger wall mounted units, or even most of the smaller portable air conditioners available today. That’s just 3 kWh electricity units a night. An unbeatable, portable, eco-friendly combination is Coolzy with the Igloo tent, consuming even less electricity to keep you cool in hot, humid conditions during an eight-hour night. No other air conditioner can provide so much cooling comfort on so little electricity.

By comparison, a typical traditional portable AC consuming 900 Watts consumes about 7 kWh electricity units in eight hours, and provides far less apparent cooling.

With enough solar panels installed, you can of course run a large room air conditioner during the middle of the day completely on solar power. However, to use a room air conditioner at night you will need very expensive batteries to store enough solar electricity. With Coolzy, the energy consumption is so low that you really don’t need to worry where the electricity is coming from.

With more and more solar panels being installed around Australia, energy retailers are reducing the price they pay for day time solar electricity fed into the grid. However, peak night time electricity usage will become more expensive, whether grid-supplied or from solar panels with battery storage.

Thanks to Coolzy’s innovative, eco-friendly portable air conditioner, you can save a significant amount of money on electricity bills while doing your bit to ensure that the environment is not sacrificed in our quest for thermal comfort.

Discover the future of air conditioning with Coolzy’s simple, portable, and extremely energy-efficient air conditioner today!