It works exactly the way it’s described!!

It’s my new love and essential for working from home!

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ya_aqusbys / Shopee


The delivery of this personal aircon was super fast, takes about 2 – 3 days to arrive after order placed. I’ve tested the power usage of this device on my Kasa device and it is showing the same information as stated, around 250 to 300 watt when in used, equivalent to power usage of 4 stand fan at the same time. It really cools you down especially when you do not want to turn on the aircon in the hot afternoon.

After a few days, tried the tent that I purchased along this aircon, it really cools down the whole night, although the feeling is not cooling the whole room, but it is a comfortable sleep.

It is a worthy buy and hoping it will save more electricity bills in coming months.

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Alex W. / Lazada


Close Comfort COOL FOCUS is a portable air conditioner with just 300 Watts of power, compared to the 5,000 Watts of our refrigerated cooling solution. So for example, if we have to pay 30c per kWh, running the refrigerated cooling for an hour will cost us: 5kWh * 30c = $1.50. If it runs through the whole night for 7 hours, that’ll cost us 7 x $1.50 = $10.50 per night! If you have a reverse split system, it’s probably about half the cost, depending on the power.

If something like the COOL FOCUS is used, it’d cost us 0.3kWh * 30c = $0.09 per hour! If it runs through the whole night for 7 hours, that’d cost us 7 x $0.09 = $0.63 per night. HUGE difference.

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Michael Aulia / cravingtech.com.au


After I bought the 1st unit and used for 1 month on a queen size bed. The game changer was Igloo tent. Because it encloses the cold air, inside tent was perfectly even feel all around. And cold air + body temperature is all it takes for the Close Comfort compressor to work on, so once cold temperature is achieved, I can see the compressor goes into momentary rest & no hot air is blown out to outside the tent.

Before the tent, Close Comfort was set to 17 deg C on low fan. Now it’s set 23 deg C on low fan & sleep mode is activated to prevent shivering at midnight. That definitely will help reduce electricity cost even further.

Igloo bed tent is definitely worth getting, except only fits queen/king size bed.

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Edward S. / Lazada (two purchases)


Responsive seller & went extra mile to deliver to us the next day (given the biz closure this week). So far so good, easy set up and cools as advertised. Seller transparent about what this product can and cannot do so no mismatched expectations.

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maylinsoh66 / Shopee


Incredible energy saving, and great performance in temperature dropping. I purchased it with a tent, and no more hot and intolerable nights for my husband and me. I can keep it on overnight with less than $1 electricity fees. Also much better than a fan or a central air-con when I’m working alone. Very flexible, very quiet, and very efficient. Thanks for the good product.

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Serene / Product Review