Recreational Vehicle Air Conditioner


Best portable air conditioner for caravan (also called Recreational Vehicle; RV)

Are you fearing hot nights with droplets of sweat running down your face because you have decided to hire a caravan or camper trailer for your holiday and a heat wave is coming?

The traditional solution is a built-in caravan air conditioner that will cost around $2,000 – $3,000 to install in your van or RV.

What are the alternatives?

Can you be sure that the humidity will be lower than 50% when you need cooling? Check the night time humidity in your holiday district using web sites like, or There are several evaporative cooler solutions on the market designed especially for caravans. However, their cooling capacity is very small, only about 200 BTU/hr. So you need to place one right beside your face.

If the humidity is higher than 50% then water cooling is ineffective. You will need a portable refrigerated air conditioner for a caravan.

And it has to be a mobile air conditioner.

Until recently, portable caravan air conditioners were all large, heavy, energy-hungry and noisy machines with huge pipes that had to be connected to a nearby window. A traditional portable aircon for a caravan is a huge machine that needs two people to carry, and you need ear plugs to sleep with it running.

There’s another much more effective, quieter and less expensive solution these days: a tiny portable air conditioner called Coolzy. Coolzy is small and needs no pipes.

If you think about air conditioning with a traditional mind set, you will ask about the area for which Coolzy is effective. If your have a technical background you will check the Coolzy BTU rating (3,000 – 4,000 BTU/hr, 850 – 1100 kW cooling) and conclude that it cannot provide enough cooling for your caravan which needs at least 10,000 BTU/hr or 3,000 kW cooling.

Well, think again.

How to Choose a RV Air Conditioner?

What is the air conditioner supposed to do?  Who or what needs cooling?

Think about how you use your caravan or recreational vehicle (RV). Do the walls of your caravan, or the cupboards, complain when it is too hot? Do they melt? When you are sightseeing in the heat of the day, do you leave your caravan air conditioner running so the bed does not melt through the day? Of course not.

It is you that needs cooling. You alone. Your refrigerator keeps the milk, butter, meat and cheese cool, not your air conditioner.

And you’re outside the caravan most of the time except for sleeping. Probably you do your cooking outside because it is much more pleasant than trying to cook with one hot plate and 30 cm of space inside.

Coolzy was invented by Professor James Trevelyan in Australia to cool people, not rooms or caravans. He realized that people just need a gentle flow of cool air on their face and upper body to feel cool. Your feet, hands, legs and knees don’t mind the heat as long as your face is cool. A tiny refrigerator with a fan inside could blow cool air just where it is needed.

And that’s a Coolzy.

Focus the cooling where it is needed.

Portable caravan air conditioner – Why Coolzy?

That’s why a tiny Coolzy can keep you cool while you sleep, by blowing cool air just over the bed where your face is lying with your partner.

You can use Coolzy outside too, for those still hot nights when sweat would run onto the pages of your book, or worse, into the keyboard of your laptop.

Move it where you use it.

Set up Coolzy to keep you cool with a clear mind while you prepare your gastronomic feast.

Now here’s one of the great advantages of life with Coolzy. Use it on holiday and at home. It’s not like the built-in caravan air con that stays unused for month after month, parked outside with no one to cool.


Best portable air conditioner for caravan Australia

Again, if you’re a technically minded caravan enthusiast, you will know that Coolzy produces warm air at the back side, just like a refrigerator. Surely, you say, that will heat the caravan and cancel the cooling?

First, read the reviews from some of the thousands of caravanners who use Coolzy in Australia. They know it works. That’s why they rated Coolzy as the best portable caravan air conditioner in Australia.

Do you want to be truly independent, with your own power supply?

A decent 5 kWhr solar-battery system with a 1,500 Watt inverter will easily run Coolzy through the night. Or, if you’re on a small budget, a small generator will easily run several Coolzys. Check out our advice

Second, make sure there is some ventilation. Open the roof top vent in your caravan or keep a larger window open. When you’re lying with Coolzy’s refreshing blanket of cool air over you, you will fall asleep before you can calculate how much warmer the ceiling of your caravan might be with Coolzy.

The secret is Coolzy’s low energy consumption. With super-efficient cooling technology, the heat added to your caravan with Coolzy running inside no more than the warming from three people sitting and enjoying a relaxed conversation after a great dinner.

That’s really cool!