Coolzy-Pro Personal Air Conditioner

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Short Tail

For smaller rooms, where the unit is too far for the Long Tail to reach, we recommend the Short Tail so that the warm air can be directed towards a door or window.

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Long Tail

For smaller rooms and caravans, where the unit is close to a window, we recommend the use of the Long Tail.

Igloo Tent

For users that want to use a Coolzy in extremely hot or tropical conditions, we recommend the use of the bed tent.

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Out of stock

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"It works exactly the way it's described!!It's my new love and essential for working from home!"
ya_aqusbys, Purchased June 2020

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Personal Air Conditioner

Personal Air Conditioner

The best cooling capacity

So portable, small and efficient. Just plug it in and go. No exhaust hose, installation or window kit necessary.

Ideal for bedrooms, offices, sheds, garages, patios, caravans, tents, boats or wherever 240V power is available.

The Coolzy-Pro Portable Air Conditioner cools people, not rooms by

providing a constant stream of cool refrigerated air from the front of

the unit and a small amount of warm air from the rear of the unit. In

large spaces, this warm air usually dissipates however in smaller rooms,

the warm air needs to be vented by leaving a door or window open.


personal cooling

Our portable air conditioner is an affordable refrigeration solution. Light, portable, convenient, no pipes, no water, no ice, no installation and can be used anywhere, even outside in sheltered places.

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Effortless Cooling

Coolzy creates a cool microclimate within the room. It uses special patented technology to focus a stream of cool air and send it towards you, keeping you comfortable and avoids cooling empty spaces.

Environmentally Friendly

Our vision is to provide affordable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient globally. Coolzy uses only 300 Watts, saving you money and decreasing your carbon footprint for a sustainable lifestyle.

Off Grid Power System

Can be powered by caravans, boats or wherever 240V power is available. Works with batteries, solar with suitable inverter (not supplied) and small generators.


Air Conditioner Carry Bag

Only $30

Focus Enhancer

Only $30

Remote Control

Only $19

Deflector Flap

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