Energy Saver Air Conditioner

Easy Focus (PC9)

From ₨46,990 ₨39,999

So small, so portable. Just plug it in and go. No pipe or window kit necessary. If just being cool wherever you are is the point and you don’t need the extra bells and whistles, then the Easy Focus unit is for you. Needing no installation, you can take the Easy Focus unit wherever you’re going. Whether you work on site or remotely, maybe in enclosed and hot spaces, or need a cooling solution for undercover outdoors. Maybe you spend time in your garage or shed or on a boat in close proximity to the unit.

What makes a Coolzy unique


Tent Adapter – Standard

Only ₨900.00

Close Comfort Tent Adapter

Tent Adapter – High Foot Board

Only ₨1,290.00

Replacement Rubber Bung

Only ₨140.00

Focus Enhancer

Only ₨2100.00

Air Conditioner Carry Bag

Only ₨1290.00


Only ₨1,290.00