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“a significant upgrade over the last versions

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Dr. Jose Dial: our experience with Close Comfort portable AC in Pakistan

Greetings Close Comfort Team

The new Close Comfort air conditioner you issued to me, worked exceptionally well through the night. The cooling power of this small unit is fantastic! During our workers’ meeting this morning I described this unit to them and many of them came to our house for a demonstration. They left very highly impressed with it.

I am very happy with the reduction of the electricity bill. I recently paid Rs. 1600/- for our electricity bill using Close Comfort compared to our neighbours with a normal AC who paid Rs. 26000/-.
The tips you gave me to further cool the tent really amplified the cooling last night and I am so happy.

I wish many people would know how this appliance can save them a lot on electricity bills. With many people buying this product, a lot of energy can be saved.

Adeel Hashmi: our experience with Close Comfort portable AC in Pakistan

Greetings Close Comfort Team

Dear Close Comfort team
Hope everything is fine at your end.
I thought it might interest you to know that we’ve been using the Close Comfort AC for the last one week at home.

I haven’t slept so well in years. And the kids can’t get enough of it either. They love the tent and they find it ‘so comfortable’!

Hope all’s well in OZtralia.

Facebook Recommendations

Muhammad Rizwan Hanif

Recommends Close Comfort Pakistan
24 April 2022

Best product in the best price with best quality, high performance and lowest Electricity bill.

I am using for the last two years.

Muhammad Siddique Abid

Recommends Close Comfort Pakistan
13 January 2022

Economical products of the century.

Fayaz Nizamani

Recommends Close Comfort Pakistan
7 April 2022

Awesome product. Cools the tent within 15 minutes to 25 degrees C, even when room temperature is 32. At night, temperature even drops to 22 celsius inside tent.

Tent is large and comfortable for 2 persons. It is of very good quality.

PC9 consumes from 255 to 280 watts approximately.
Works great during load shedding time on UPS.

Highly recommended.

Facebook Reviews

4.2 stars out of 5 overall (30 June 2022)

Aliya Anjum

3 June 2022 on Facebook

I have had my PC 8 discounted Ramadan deal A/C for 6 days now. I bought it based on online reviews alone, which made me confident that it would be good for my personal use.

I bought it knowing it is only good for use, within the tent. I did not expect it to work as an A/C on wheels. I also did NOT expect a cost effective unit which would cool down a room, even a tiny one.

It’s main strength is it’s low electricity bill, and for that to happen, it only cools down a limited and confined space, i.e the tent. You can sleep in your bed or wherever else, inside a pretty white tent, at a cool temperature and be at peace knowing your bill would still be very affordable.

if you understand what you are getting, then Cool Comfort A/C does what it promises to do.

Amir Aslan

11 April 2022 on Facebook

Used it last summer season, only consumed 345 w / hr and used all night during hot nights. Was worth it and will use it again this summer.

Murtaza Chang

8th July 2022 on Facebook

Close Comfort AC is a product that dawns on you only after its gradual use. Like others when I received it, I complained about many things, from the product itself to the Advertisements on the close comfort website.

But its only after you use it for a couple of days, that you really appreciate the design. AC works great in the tent, but you will increase its usefulness if you bring a small fan inside. Initially I measured a difference of about 3 to 4 degrees from the feet to face (AC is located around the feet). However, that was only when I wasn’t properly adjusting the vent and AC height to the bed. If the AC is almost at the bed level the flow is even then difference isn’t much.

As for standalone operation, you’ll really need a hot weather like city of Lahore to feel its power. For a windy weather in Hyderabad, you won’t fully take benefit of it.

If there’s no wind in the room (coming through windows), you’ll notice after sitting in front of the AC for about half an hour that it actually cools you and you no longer feel the heat.

It’s better if you can understand the science behind how it works and how we humans feel the heat.

It’s no magical device, it’s a simple idea but cleverly executed. However, there’s always room for the improvement. Overall like a typical Pakistani I over reacted when I first got it. In the end it’s actually a very satisfying experience.

Haider Khan

5 July 2022

I have done a thorough research on this product after using it for 1 month. It’s actually very cheap in working terms plus the quality being delivered. It should not be mixed with the split AC or else you might not like it as the throw of it is not as strong but this is a 0.25 ton ac what do you expect. I have been using it in the tent for 1 month and my bill is very low. I must rate this 8/10. Though I would suggest this company to come up with a strong unit too.

Atif Naqvi

13 June 2022

I use Close Comfort a week and find out, this is good personal AC, only need some modification (This is my personal Opinion), It need fan controller High and Low, the current speed is Low and make it more fast. It is very useful for one or two person (use tent). … It use 1 Unit of Electricity for using 3 hours operation. So the electric consumption is very low. I also add this is not fruitful for those cities where humidity is very low i.e. <25% and weather is hot, for those cities use desert cooler.

Attaullah Khizar

2 July 2022

Being an honest speaker, I would like to rate it 4. Everything is good about this product but the only issue I felt is that you need to place it on something, basically it’s height is small. it’s a perfect one for a single person but not for two but again that’s mentioned that it’s for Personal usage. Rest all good, I’m satisfied with this purchase.

Muhammad Ali

12 July 2022

My recommendation to the people willing to buy would be simple enough to understand that it’s not meant for the room. I’ve tried using it in 10 x 10 room and it’s pretty much useless so the point stays for personal cooling and that’s where it’s good at. Works perfectly well inside the tent.

Abdul Majid

20 June 2022

It is a good thing to buy. It serves 2 persons well. Cooling is good. Useless without tent. Runs on good quality UPS. Portability is good for camping stuff. Only useful for sleeping or laying around because cooling only remains in the lower half of the tent. Main thing is, it costs nothing. People calling it waste of money have no sense (and need) to observe what the product is made for.