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Introducing Coolzy, Pakistan’s most convenient & efficient portable air conditioner. A Coolzy doesn’t require water and operates on just 340W of electricity which means our personal and portable AC units cost less than 150rs a night to run, up to ₹58,000 p/m cheaper than traditional portable air conditioners. Being low power, they can also be used without a hose!

A Coolzy is the World’s most energy efficient portable air conditioner delivering a cooling intensity of 3,500 – 4,500 watts per 10 square feet.

Coolzy products are on sale now in 32 countries world-wide.

Portable AC awards

Easy Focus with Focus Enhancer portable AC bundle

Focus Bundle

Easy Focus with Focus Enhancer

From ₨ 58,900


First design

Easy Focus

From ₨ 57,900

Bed tent and air con bundle


Easy Focus with Igloo Tent

From ₨ 64,900

Easy Focus with Focus Enhancer portable AC bundle

Focus Bundle

Easy Focus with Focus Enhancer

From ₨ 58,900


First design

Easy Focus

From ₨ 57,900

Bed tent and air con bundle


Easy Focus with Igloo Tent

From ₨ 64,900


Ikram – Karachi

I bought the coolzy pro from them to use for my kid. Im in Karachi so swamp coolers don’t tend to work very well. I bought this was because it isn’t a swamp cooler. I can report that it worked as advertised and made real cool air out the front. This was great…

Inzamum – Islamabad

This unit is absolutely amazing! You can literally put it anywhere in your house.

Priti – Lahore

I bought this for my mom to help her sleep at night. It’s been nothing short of amazing! Thanks Coolzy 🙂

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Save as much as 70% off your cooling costs due to Coolzy’s patented energy-efficient technology. Our units cost less than $1 a night to run compared to $0.45-0.55+ an hour with other comparable portable air conditioning units.

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Designed for:Personal cooling
7-10°F apparent
7-8°F room coolingCooling a crowd
8-15°F cooling
~4°F apparent cooling
Electricity used:340W.
~50c per night
1800 W
$2.50 per night
400-2400 W
$2.50 per night
50-90 W
~12c per night
Installation cost:$0$0$2000$200
Noise level:45-55dB
low, medium, high
Portable: 33lbs80lbs
Outdoor use:YesYes

Try this award-winning portable air conditioner now!

Because the Coolzy is so inexpensive to run and so quiet, some folks assume the Coolzy is an evaporative cooler, or an evaporative air conditioner (often called a swamp cooler). The truth is that a Coolzy is the best of the portable air cons and can also be used as a ventless portable air conditioner. Originally sold as the Close Comfort PC( the Coolzy is an air con that uses reverse cycle model technology with a super lower price tag. The Pro has 3 operating modes. The Coolzy team are the good guys as we’re not selling an evaporative air cooler that doesn’t work in high humidity. The Coolzy is a real refrigerated air conditioner that uses the same technology as a car air con.

Coolzy is a tiny fridge with a fan inside that blows a gentle stream of cool air at your face and upper body. It immerses you in a cool microclimate.

Coolzy uses very little electricity, only 340 Watts, making it the lowest cost to run by far of any portable air conditioner.

Because the power consumption is so small, unlike other portable room aircons, there is no need for a huge exhaust pipe with a fiddly window attachment to pump hot air from the air con unit outside.

Warm air from the back side of Coolzy rises to the ceiling, just like warm air from the back of a kitchen fridge. The warmth is either absorbed by the building or finds its way out through open windows or doorways. Learn more.

On average, Coolzy costs only ₹7000 a month including electricity and monthly repayments over three years. That’s 40% less than the cheapest of the other portable aircons on the market. Learn more.

Warm air from the back side of Coolzy rises to the ceiling, just like warm air from the back of a kitchen fridge. The warmth is either absorbed by the building or finds its way out through open windows or doorways. Learn more.

A Coolzy is around half the size of a tradition portable AC unit and thus is much smaller and more mobile. It can easily be packed into a cupboard when not in use or stored in a caravan for easy camping convenience.

Coolzy directs 3,000 – 4,000 BTU/hr cooling into a microclimate up to 4 square metres, about 750 – 1,000 BTU/hr per square metre. That is similar to the cooling provided by a split air conditioner. Other portable aircons with an exhaust pipe only provide about 3 – 4 degrees of cooling, 180 BTU/hr per square metre, 75% less cooling intensity. Read more about Coolzy compared with other portables.

This focused cooling technology emerged from unrelated research at The University of Western Australia and has been patented worldwide.

Coolzy ACs are made using the highest quality components to ensure the best quality and durability. Our factory only buys the best compressors and uses the latest in plastics manufacturing technologies. While we offer a generous 2-year warranty, we are confident that our machines will last much longer than that.

With appropriate minor maintenance, Coolzy will give you years of comfort and pleasure.

Many portable room air conditioners are made from lower-quality materials to minimize manufacturing costs and are not made to last more than a year or two

Yes, portable air conditioners work. They are designed to cool small to medium-sized rooms and are equipped with wheels for easy mobility. They work by drawing in hot air, cooling it, and expelling the cooled air back into the room. That said, most portable air conditioners are hopelessly inefficient. That’s because they use low quality components, are over powered and generate a lot of wasteful heat from excess electrical usage. By contrast, a Coolzy uses around 1/5 of the electricity of a normal portable air conditioner and focuses on cooling the person and not the room. In doing so it utilizes the best internal components making it the quietest, lightest, most compact and least energy consuming portable AC on the market.

Venting a portable air conditioner without a window can be done by using a sliding door, a drop ceiling, or a wall vent kit. Here are some options:

  1. Sliding door: Attach the exhaust hose to a sliding door and seal the gap around the hose to prevent air from leaking.
  2. Drop ceiling: Cut a hole in the drop ceiling and attach the exhaust hose to the hole.
  3. Wall vent kit: Install a wall vent kit, which includes a vent and a flexible duct, to direct the hot air outside through an exterior wall.
  4. If your room is large enough a Coolzy can be used WITHOUT venting it as it produces significantly less warm air than competitor portable AC’s.

Portable air conditioners are generally a poor option for cooling small to medium-sized rooms. Most are too big to be genuinely portable. They’re noisy and have a long, cumbersome tube to attach to a window. Their effectiveness can vary depending on several factors such as room size, insulation, and the unit’s BTU (British Thermal Units) rating.

By contrast, a Coolzy is an excellent option because it by-passes a lot of the drawbacks of an older style portable AC. They way it does this is by using the best components and patented technology to reduce energy consumption and focus the cooling intensity on the person rather than attempting to fight a losing battle by trying to cool the entire room.

If you want to cool an entire room, the best option is a lot of insulation and a big, powerful split system air conditioner. Bear in mind this will cost 5-10 times the electricity cost of using a Coolzy not to mention the additional carbon created by the electricity it consumes.

Portable air conditioners work by drawing in hot air from the room, cooling it using refrigerant, and expelling the cooled air back into the room. Here is a basic explanation of the process:

  1. Air intake: Hot air is drawn into the unit through an intake vent.
  2. Cooling: The hot air passes over the evaporator coils, which contain refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air, causing it to evaporate and cool the air.
  3. Exhaust: The cooled air is expelled back into the room, and the hot refrigerant is compressed and pumped to the condenser coils, where it releases its heat to the outside.
  4. Venting: The hot air generated by the condenser is expelled outside through an exhaust hose or if your room is large enough, a Coolzy doesn’t need to be vented.

Overall, the process of drawing in hot air, cooling it, and expelling the cooled air back into the room is repeated until the desired temperature is reached.

This is a tricky question to answer because everyone will have different requirements. Variables include room size, insulation, outside temperature and what you intend to do inside the room. Other considerations are, how much electricity are you willing to consume? and what kind of carbon footprint do you want to generate?

At Coolzy we acknowledge that our product might not suit everyone but we do think it can suit most. A Coolzy uses less electricity than any other portable AC on the market meaning you’ll pay less in electricity bills (it’ll run for 8hrs for less than a ₹200). It’s also the quietest so it’s great for sleeping and it’s compact so it can be stored easily during winter. It can be used in large rooms or well ventilated areas without a hose (we recommend the use of a Tail for smaller rooms and caravans).

The Best Portable Air Conditioner

We think the Coolzy is the best portable air conditioner in the world and luckily our customers agree. We’ve been awarded Best Portable Air Conditioner for both 2022 and 2023 by which is a consumer led review website.

Yes, you can use a portable air conditioner without window access in the following instances. Firstly, if the room is large enough the heat from the rear of the portable air con will be absorbed into the ceiling. 

There are many options. We’ve paid a handy page that shows how you might approach a few different scenarios: Click here 

Yes! A Coolzy is a mini air conditioner but let’s be clear, it’s a REAL air conditioner. It’s not an evaporative air conditioner. A Coolzy is a genuine refrigerated mini portable air conditioner that uses coolant to remove energy from the air. The coolant is completely sealed within the unit and never needs to be replaced or topped up.

We have a warehouse in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad

A Coolzy-Pro is a great option because it has three cooling modes, can be used indoor and outdoor, doesn’t need to be filled with cold water and is very easy to install. In fact, to install it, you just pull it out and turn it on.