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Prices will rise next season

Pakistan’s Best


  • Real refrigeration cooling
  • Sleep in comfort all night, only Rs 90 electricity cost
  • Simple, convenient: no pipes, no water, no installation
  • Quiet
  • Truly portable, easy to move and carry
  • Sustainable environmental footprint

Awarded Best Portable Air Conditioner 2022 by Australian customers.

Pakistan’s Best


  • Real refrigeration cooling
  • Sleep comfortably all night for Rs 90 electricity cost
  • Simple, convenient: no pipes, no water, no installation
  • Feels cooler than other portables
  • Quieter than other portables
  • Truly portable, easy to move and carry
  • Sustainable environmental footprint

Awarded Best Portable Air Conditioner 2022 by Australian customers.

Australia’s Best


  • Real refrigeration cooling
  • Simple, convenient: no pipes, no water, no installation
  • Uses 70% less energy, only 340 Watts
  • Feels cooler than other portables
  • Quieter than other portables
  • Truly portable, easy to move and carry
  • Sustainable environmental footprint, no harmful refrigerant gas

Awarded Best Portable Air Conditioner 2022 by Australian customers.

Coolzy is the simplest, lowest cost, and convenient portable air conditioner

Coolzy is a tiny fridge with a fan inside that blows a gentle stream of cool air at your face and upper body. It immerses you in a cool microclimate.

Coolzy uses so little electricity only 340 Watts, so the cost of electricity to run it is by far lowest of any portable air conditioner.

Because the power consumption is so small, unlike other portable room aircons, there is no need for the huge exhaust pipe with a fiddly window attachment to pump hot air from the air con unit outside.

Warm air from the back side of Coolzy rises to the ceiling, just like warm air from the back of a kitchen fridge. The warmth is either absorbed by the building or finds its way out through open windows or doorways. Learn more.

On average, Coolzy costs only $35 a month including electricity and monthly repayments over three years. That’s 40% less than the cheapest of the other portable aircons on the market. Learn more.

Coolzy creates greater cooling intensity than other portable aircons

Coolzy directs 3,000 – 4,000 BTU/hr cooling into a microclimate up to 4 square metres, about 750 – 1,000 BTU/hr per square metre. That is similar to the cooling provided by a split air conditioner. Other portable aircons with an exhaust pipe only provide about 3 – 4 degrees of cooling, 180 BTU/hr per square metre, 75% less cooling intensity. (Read more about Coolzy compared with other portables.)

This focused cooling technology emerged from unrelated research at The University of Western Australia and has been patented world-wide.

Coolzy portable air conditioners are made to last for years

Coolzy is made in China by a Taiwanese-owned factory under Australian supervision to ensure the highest quality and durability. The factory only buys high quality components, mainly made in nearby Taiwanese-owned factories with the latest plastics manufacturing technologies.

With appropriate minor maintenance, Coolzy will give you years of comfort and pleasure.

Many portable room air conditioners are made from lower quality materials to minimize the manufacturing cost and are not made to last more than a year or two.

Try this award winning portable air conditioner for 7 days

Order online and try out Coolzy for 7 days.

If you are not satisfied, call or email us to arrange a full refund, provided you return Coolzy with its packaging in original condition.

Instant Cooling

Kids love Coolzy because the cooling is practically instantaneous, no longer than 2 minutes after turning it on.

There is no need to wait for the room to cool down. With other portable aircon units, the room temperature reduces by only 3 – 4 degrees, even after 20 – 30 minutes room cooling.

Coolzy portable air conditioners help reduce global warming and help safeguard the future for these children

Traditional air conditioners pose an existential threat to our planet (read more here). Half of the electricity generated in most hot countries is needed to run air conditioners. However, most people in hot countries still cannot afford air conditioning. If they could, ten to twenty times as much electricity would be needed. With traditional air conditioners, the greenhouse emissions resulting from that would literally cook the planet.

As the climate warms, more and more people are demanding air conditioning.

Much of the power for air con units is needed at night when solar energy is not available. The Rocky Mountains Institute and the Indian Government sponsored a $3,000,000 Global Cooling Prize to find a solution with five times less climate impact. However, the solutions they came up with are even more unaffordable and will not be available until there is sufficient customer demand.

As far as we know, Coolzy is the only commercially available technology that provides an affordable and sustainable air conditioning solution for everyone on the planet, with five times less climate impact. (Because Coolzy uses such innovative technology, the rules of the Global Cooling Prize prevented us from entering the competition.)

We are steadily increasing sales and distribution in countries like Indonesia with huge populations needing cooling to work and sleep.

Whenever people use Coolzy instead of a traditional air conditioner, they avoid around 1 kg CO2 every hour. Do your part and buy some today.

Coolzy portable air con units work outside too

Coolzy provides a gentle stream of cool air that is just as effective outside, even in full sunlight, provided the space is sheltered from the wind. Move your lifestyle into the healthy open air!

Reduce your infection risk by using Coolzy portable air cons

Health authorities now advocate fresh air ventilation as a way to reduce infections from airborne virus particles like Covid-19 (read more here).

Split system air conditioners do not provide any fresh air ventilation and have been implicated in many Covid-19 super-spreader events.

Once considered to be the most luxurious air conditioning solution, fully ducted systems are now being removed from homes world-wide because biological contaminants accumulated in the duct work over time. If possible ducts should be replaced every ten years or so. However, that is difficult or impossible in many buildings.

The easiest and least expensive way to improve ventilation is to keep windows and doors open to allow fresh air to circulate through the building.

Unlike all other air conditioners, Coolzy works best with open doors or windows! Coolzy creates a locally cool microclimate, just 2 – 4 square metres. So Coolzy works easily with fresh air ventilation, reducing infection risks.

Coolzy does need relatively still air to work properly. So, keep windows or doors open just enough to allow air to circulate without creating strong indoor air currents.

Coolzy is one of the quietest portable air conditioners

Almost all other portable air conditioners are too noisy to sleep with.

Designers face a dilemma. A quiet portable aircon unit has to be heavy.  You need heavy materials to screen the noise from the compressor and fans inside the unit.

That requirement conflicts with portability.

In fact, the word “portable” means easily carried. All the portable room air conditioners on the market are large and heavy. Visit a store and try lifting one for yourself.

The need for heavy materials also makes a quiet portable air con unit more expensive to manufacture. More materials means higher cost.

Portable aircon makers prefer to keep their products lighter and cheaper so they are noisy.

Noise is usually measured in decibels (dB). 35 dB is very quiet. 60 dB is too noisy to talk comfortably. Most portable room air con units range from 53 dB to 65 dB.

The perceived noise from Coolzy-Pro in a typical bedroom situation is about 45 dB on low fan speed, the same as a small desk fan. That noise level is easily quiet enough to sleep with for nearly everyone.

Coolzy is quiet because it uses so much less power for the compressor and the fans. Coolzy-Pro is even quieter because it uses a super-quiet rotary compressor.

Is a quiet portable aircon unit better for sleep?

Not necessarily!

With the windows open for fresh air ventilation, street noises can easily disturb sleep. Coolzy generates just enough noise to suppress disturbance from street noises outside.

Try Coolzy today for 7 days and return it in the same condition for a full refund if you find it is too noisy for you.

An ideal portable air conditioner for elderly people

The most important feeling for elderly people is their dignity and self-respect. That explains why so many older people die in heatwaves even though they have air conditioners. They are scared to turn on their air conditioners because they fear they will not be able to pay the electricity bill at the end of the month.

Electricity to run Coolzy 24 hours, day and night, costs less than $100 for a month (more in some cities). A typical split system air conditioner in an older house costs $250 – $450 to run all the time for a month, and a portable room air conditioner can cost even more. Coolzy is far more affordable for older people living on a pension.

While mobile evaporative coolers use even less electricity than Coolzy, elderly people forget they have to refill them with water every few hours. The refilling task is tedious and water is heavy to carry, particularly for larger units.

Older people also love something that is simple. That’s Coolzy.

Many older people also want fresh air. Being confined to one room is hard enough for most people, but it is far more challenging with closed windows and doors. Coolzy works best with open doors and windows.

Read more.

(photo shows one of our oldest customers – by permission)

Portable does not mean portable when it comes to portable room air conditioners

The lightest portable room air conditioners weigh about 20 kg or more. Quiet models weigh 35 kg or more. The word “portable” means ‘easily carried’ and is misleading when it comes to other portable room air conditioners. These machines are also large and well beyond the safe carrying capacity of most people.

All the portable room air conditioners on the market are large and heavy. Visit a store and try lifting one for yourself.

Coolzy-Pro weighs only 15.6 kg. It is small, light enough, and easy to carry, even for older people.

A truly portable air conditioner is an ideal camping companion

Traditional portable room aircon units are large, heavy, and above all waste about 70% or more of the electricity (learn why).

Coolzy is small and light enough to take with you in a campervan or caravan. With Coolzy you can stay in cheaper non-airconditioned accommodation. Bring your own air conditioning with a Coolzy.

Coolzy can run on battery/inverter power supplies running off solar panels or a generator. Learn more about off-grid power for Coolzy here.

Coolzy is more affordable and provides better cooling intensity than some of the other air conditioners advertised for camping (learn more). Coolzy can cool a tent. Coolzy makes you comfortable on those hot, still and steamy summer evenings when the humidity makes it feel like a sauna outside, or inside. With an Igloo tent, Coolzy provides the same crisp refreshing feeling that a split system air conditioner provides, but with the added bonus of fresh air ventilation.

Coolzy won’t blow out the gas burner on the cooking range.

And, unlike the air conditioner installed in the roof of your van, if you have one, Coolzy can be used at home when you are back from your road trip.

a breath of refreshing cool air

A Portable Aircon Unit using Off-Grid Power

Coolzy was first designed to run on household uninterruptible power supplies (UPS inverters) that are almost ubiquitous across South Asia and many other countries where power interruptions are a routine everyday occurrence. They usually consist of an adaptive inverter that charges a nearby truck battery when grid power is available. During grid outages, the inverter automatically draws power from the battery and converts the DC battery voltage to AC power.

A small generator provides plenty of power, even for the brief start-up current surge needed to get the compressor running.

Tap here for full technical details.

The Igloo bed tent is like a room within a room. It retains a layer of cool air about 50 cm thick just above the mattress. The tent also allows fresh air to circulate through the top of the tent at the same time to prevent CO2 building up inside.

We designed this special tent for the fierce summer heat in Pakistan where indoor night-time temperatures exceed 40 °C for months at a time. The tent provides up to 12 °C apparent cooling inside, a combination of temperature and humidity reduction and a gentle flow of cool air over the skin. In the dry season, many of our Pakistan customers take their tent and set it up on the roof of their home and sleep in comfort under the stars.

The tent also provides chemical-free insect protection, helping to reduce mosquito-borne diseases.

In Australia we have sold lots of Igloo tents, particularly to people living in homes or apartments exposed to the afternoon sun, with walls that remain hot through the night.

In moderate indoor temperatures, 27 – 35 °C, the Igloo tent can significantly reduce Coolzy-Pro power consumption to as low as 170 Watts average. The compressor will stop for a minute or two if the air temperature falls below the temperature setting on the remote control.

sleep in comfort through hottest nights

(entry flap is open just to see inside)

Our bodies naturally acclimatize to hot weather over a period of about 10 days. During this time, you may feel a little uncomfortable, but you gradually become accustomed to the heat.

While using Coolzy, your lower body experiences heat while your upper body is cooler. Legs and the lower body experience the same heat as the rest of the room, so you build up your acclimatization and resilience to heat.

If you live most of the time in fully air conditioned spaces, you can lose your natural acclimatization and you seek even cooler conditions. Recent research suggests that people in this state experience a decline in cardiovascular function. In other words, exposure to heat (and cold) with moderate discomfort is actually better for your health.

Customers have told us that they need less air conditioning after they start using Coolzy. They are more comfortable in the heat.

Many customers have told us that they experience less discomfort in their eyes, nose and throat when using Coolzy, compared with a room air conditioner. Coolzy condenses water from the cool air and then evaporates this water into the warm air at the back side. This means there is no moisture loss from the room. A room air conditioner, on the other hand, is continually removing moisture from the room except when the humidity is already low. Over time, this can lead to skin, nose, eye and throat irritations. Many people who live in fully air-conditioned spaces use a humidifier to put moisture back into the air.

“I love my Igloo. I can lie down for a short sleep anytime, even in the hottest time of day”

(One of our oldest customers, by permission)