How to Keep Cool While Working Late

Spending extended hours in the office could be a great way of skipping the hot, bustling streets, having to squeeze into a packed bus or MRT, or being stuck in peak rush hour traffic, while catching up on work with fewer interruptions.

The problem, however, is that office air conditioners are switched off after hours, which leaves the working space hot, humid and very uncomfortable to work in. This is because centralised air conditioners for the office are very energy-hungry and the cost of keeping an office building cool after hours is extremely high. For a medium-sized building it could cost as much as SG$100 per hour – an expense that companies are not prepared to take on.

The country’s hot, humid weather makes air conditioning an absolute essential in the office. In fact, more and more professionals are looking for ways to keep their working space cool after hours. This is why the search for the “best desk ac” is becoming increasingly popular.

So how can you keep cool in the office while working late?

A personal air conditioner for work can be the perfect solution. Close Comfort’s state-of-the-art personal cooling units use special patented technology to focus a stream of cool air at a fixed spot to create a personal micro-climate for you.

These cleverly engineered units provide localised cooling for work, which is much more energy efficient than centralised office air conditioning.

Effective Personal Cooling for the Office

The Close Comfort unit’s focused air flow creates a cool environment up to 1.5 to 2 metres away. However, with the Cool Focus accessory, the effective cooling range doubles to about 3 metres. If you’re sitting next to a colleague at a desk, the airflow is just wide enough to share the cooling effect.  And after some time, the area around you and Close Comfort will be a few degrees cooler than the rest of the office space.

And runs very quietly too.

The Close Comfort unit is designed with super-quiet centrifugal fans that push refrigerated air through a curved air deflector at the top. This aero-dynamic design results in low noise levels of around 46-54dB, about the same as an electric fan. Its quiet operation makes it the perfect low-key personal air conditioner for work – an office companion that won’t cause any distractions.

Best of all, Close Comfort cooling units use extremely little energy – only 300 Watts, which is equivalent to three or four conventional light bulbs. This provides a much cheaper solution than conventional office air conditioning.

The Best AC for the Office and the Home

Another advantage of Close Comfort’s personal cooling unit is that it is lightweight and easy to move around. This compact unit, with convenient carry bag, only weighs 17 kg and stands 55 cm tall. Being about the same size as a carry-on suitcase, it the ideal portable AC for an office.

For professionals who want to move their Close Comfort unit from the home to the office and back home again, it’s easy.

Working or studying alongside your Close Comfort personal air conditioner in your home office has its own benefits. Having your cooling companion next to you means you don’t have to cool the entire home and rooms not being used, which means that no energy is wasted.

And when you switch your computer off for the day, simply move the unit with you to another room and keep cool while you relax after a hard day’s work. Its wheels make it easy to move around wherever you need it – even outdoors.

Enjoy Greater Comfort and Efficiency

It does not matter whether you want to avoid the crowded streets after work, the flexibility to clock in early before the office AC unit switches on at 8:30, or you want to work or study in comfort at home. Having a personal air conditioner will allow you to stay cool and work more efficiently – no matter the time of day.

If you are in search of a light and portable, cost- and energy-efficient air conditioner for the office, consider Close Comfort’s personal air conditioner. It will go a long way in making your working days, and nights, a lot cooler and more comfortable.