Affordable Air Conditioning for Seniors

Extreme heat and humidity in Singapore can become intolerable for people of all ages, but the effect of heat and humidity on seniors and the elderly can be potentially life threatening. People aged 65 years and over are at increased risk of heat-related illnesses which range from mild conditions such as heat rash or cramps to serious conditions such as heatstroke, heat exhaustion or heat oedema, even cardiovascular problems.

This situation is only going to become more acute, as Singapore’s rapidly ageing population means that by 2030 the nation will join 33 others as a “super-aged” country, where one in five Singaporeans will be aged 65 or older. The urban heat island effect intensifies the more gradual warming coming from climate change, increasing apparent temperatures by 4-5°C.

The Importance of Air Conditioning for our valuable Senior Citizens

The physical changes that occur in the body as we get older is one contributing factor to the potentially dangerous effect of heat and humidity on older Singaporeans. The body normally cools itself by sweating but elderly skin is not able to produce as much sweat and cool the body as efficiently as younger skin. When the body can’t cool itself sufficiently and maintain a healthy temperature, heat stress occurs.

This is why special care needs to be taken in hot weather to maintain a safe temperature for the elderly in particular. The best way to do that is with air conditioning.

The Best Air Conditioner for older Singaporeans

According to the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), Singapore is heating up twice as fast as the rest of the world. While other countries experience higher temperatures, the fact that Singapore’s humidity is high all year round means finding cost effective ways to keep seniors cool and comfortable is more important than ever.

At Close Comfort, we believe that air conditioning shouldn’t be a luxury only a few can afford or something that people pay more for just because of where they live. That’s why we have invented a novel solution to this serious problem: An affordable air conditioner for seniors. The energy-efficient COOL FOCUS Personal Air Conditioner is designed to maintain a safe temperature for older Singaporeans without running up electricity bills. It does this by creating a personal micro-climate through localised cooling.

The Close Comfort Difference

What makes Close Comfort’s Personal Air Conditioners different to conventional air conditioning systems?

With wall-mounted air conditioning units, nearly all of the electricity is wasted cooling walls and furniture rather than the people in the room. At Close Comfort, we cool people not rooms.

Also known as localised cooling, Close Comfort’s cutting-edge technology is designed to provide cooling only for part of a much larger space, only where cooling is needed. This means that our units are much more energy and cost-efficient than conventional air conditioners and even other portable air conditioners.

Running on just 300 Watts (an electric kettle needs more than 6 TIMES as much power to run), Close Comfort Personal Air Conditioners are so energy-efficient, you can run them for less than $0.50 a night! Given the current maximum electricity cost of 19.6c per kWh to run traditional portable aircons (Source: Energy Market Authority Electricity Tariffs 2020), this represents a minimum 75% reduction in power costs in an average night.

When it comes to the best air conditioner for aged care homes and in-home care services, consider Close Comfort’s cost-effective air conditioning solutions. They can be used either in addition to central or room air conditioning or as an extremely economic alternative to conventional air conditioners.

International research on mortality in heatwaves has shown that a significant proportion of elderly people who died or were hospitalised in heatwaves were avoiding using air conditioners because they were scared of running up electricity bills they could not afford to pay. Close Comfort uses so little electricity that you can take cooling off your list of things to worry about when it comes to your electricity bills.

10 reasons Why Close Comfort is the Best Air Conditioner for Seniors

  1. Close Comfort presents the lowest-cost air conditioning solution, providing comfort at a fraction of the cost of upgrading existing systems or buildings and is equally applicable for residential, hospice or home care use.
  2. Portable and convenient – our units weigh just 17kgs and can be moved on wheels to take with you to be used anywhere.
  4. Close Comfort needs at least 75% LESS POWER to run than standard air conditioners, dramatically reducing power costs and putting less strain on our planet’s resources.
  5. Standard portable air conditioners can use between 2,500-6,000 Watts of electric power and most require expensive installation, whereas Close Comfort requires just 300 Watts to provide refrigerated air conditioning without any installation or the need to permanently keep windows open, offering peace of mind and security.
  6. Using fans can actually make dehydration worse, not better. Close Comfort avoids the side effects of dehydration and users tell us they no longer suffer the eye and skin irritation problems common with standard air conditioners.
  7. Many older people avoid using air conditioners and suffer heat stress as a result; they can use Close Comfort without having to worry about power bills and enjoy affordable relief in heatwaves.
  8. Close Comfort’s units are among the quietest portable air conditioners in Singapore, so they are ideal to use in bedrooms. To enhance the cooling effect on humid nights, Close Comfort has created a unique Igloo Bed Tent that can be easily fitted over a double to king size bed.
  9. Close Comfort’s portable unit can be used to cool people inside or outside with windows open or closed, so it fits in with people’s lives rather than needing to fit their life around an air conditioner.
  10. Close Comfort can be used with room air conditioners too – reduce power bills by increasing the thermostat temperature while using Close Comfort’s focused cooling for seniors who need extra comfort.

Having an effective air conditioning unit can be life saving, especially when outdoor temperatures reach an unbearable high in summer. Close Comfort’s revolutionary patented technology is making the comfort of home cooling accessible to everybody.

Whether you have an elderly family member, or would like to enjoy Close Comfort’s energy-efficient cooling comfort yourself, we have a cooling solution to fit your life. Order your Close Comfort Personal Air Conditioner today.

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