11 Reasons Why You Need a Personal, Portable Air Conditioner Right Now

Here in Singapore, air conditioners are an essential part of life, especially since human activity heats the city by about 4°C above surrounding areas. While wall mounted air conditioners have been the standard solution for many years now, some of the latest portable personal air conditioners are proving to be a smart alternative to these big, expensive, energy-hungry machines. For people in search of a more cost-effective, eco-friendly, portable cooling solution, a small personal air conditioner may be ideal.

Whether you are renting an apartment or living in government housing where you cannot install a wall mounted air conditioner, if you’re not living in a permanent location, you live on your own, there’s no aircon at work, or you want to cut back on your electricity bill, there are plenty of reasons why a compact personal portable aircon might be a great option.

Here are 10 reasons to consider investing in a personal portable air conditioner.

1. No Installation Required

One of the greatest things about a no-installation air conditioner, like Close Comfort’s COOL FOCUS unit, is that they can be unboxed, plugged in and you can enjoy a stream of cool air immediately. There are no unsightly exhaust hoses or drains to worry about, which means the sleek unit blends in with the rest of the room seamlessly.

A portable air conditioner without a drain hose also gives you the option of placing it anywhere in your home – it doesn’t need to be placed next to a window. Furthermore, an air conditioner without installation eliminates the costs involved with having to call out a certified installer to set up the unit, making it a more convenient, cost-effective alternative to larger wall mounted units.

2. Energy Efficient

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the urgent need to make more sustainable choices. That’s why eco-friendly cooling systems are becoming more popular by the day. If you are looking for an energy-efficient air conditioner that cools without warming the planet, consider a personal portable air conditioner that is designed to use less power.

Close Comfort’s unit is engineered with patented technology to make cooling less energy intensive and more environmentally friendly. Using only 300 Watts, the equivalent of just four old-fashioned light bulbs, the COOL FOCUS unit saves at least 75% in electricity. In fact, it’s so energy efficient that you can run it for less than $0.50 all night long. No other air conditioner can provide so much cooling comfort on so little electricity.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Traditional home and office air conditioners pose a significant threat to the environment. Leaking HFC refrigerant gases, which have a global warming potential of up to 4,000 that of CO2, could make climate change 25% worse than today’s forecasts.

Small personal air conditioners can offer a sustainable, energy-efficient option for a warming world. The Close Comfort unit, for example, only uses a tiny amount of refrigerant – about a fifth of normal air conditioners. This non-toxic gas is held in a welded refrigeration circuit, which keeps it inside permanently. Unlike conventional air conditioners that leak a significant amount of greenhouse gasses throughout their lifetime, a personal portable aircon offers a much more environmentally-friendly option to consumers who’d like to do their bit in slowing down global warming.

4. Provides Instant Cooling

Large, wall mounted air conditioners are designed to cool the entire room. To get the room to a comfortable temperature, all the heat already in the structure, and more entering through air leaks around doors, light fittings, floors and windows need to be extracted first, which can take between 30 and 60 minutes.

Personal cooling units, on the other hand, focus a stream of cool air around you, creating your very own comfortable personal micro-climate in just seconds. This means that you don’t have to wait until the entire room is cool before feeling the cooling sensation. With a personal air conditioner, you can enjoy immediate comfort.

5. Portable, Lightweight and Compact

A personal air conditioner offers the best of both: It combines the portability of a pedestal fan with the cooling sensation of a fixed air conditioner. Close Comfort’s lightweight portable air conditioner only weighs 17 kg and has wheels, which makes it easy to move around from room to room or even from indoors to outdoors.

Its compact size (only 29 cm x 39 cm x 55 cm high), light weight and convenient carry bag make it really easy to transport. Whether you need a portable air conditioner for your bedroom, home office or gym, living area or even your balcony, this little unit is a great option to keep cool wherever you are. And during the cooler months, the compact unit can easily be switched to fan mode or, if needed, stored away in a cupboard.

6. No Household Pollution

Air quality is another reason you might consider investing in a personal air conditioner. Conventional indoor units rely on the room being sealed to work efficiently, which means there is no stream of fresh air that can enter the home. Eventually, gasses such as CO2 and volatile organic vapours seeping out from the air conditioner’s plastics or adhesives gradually accumulate, which can make you feel drowsy.

Personal portable aircons, like Close Comfort’s units, are designed to function efficiently even with windows open, which means a constant stream of fresh air enters your home.

7. Can be Used Anywhere

Do you work in a factory or warehouse or open-air market, or perhaps you’re sweating every day while preparing hot food?  Or one of those places where the heat from lights and crowds is overwhelming?

A personal air conditioner can make all the difference.

A personal portable air conditioner focuses a stream of cool air at you, creating your own personal micro-climate. This localised cooling effect is not reliant on a closed-off space and can therefore work anywhere, even outdoors in sheltered areas like factories, warehouses, reception desks, even balconies where the wind is not blowing harshly.

Office workers take air conditioning for granted. Now everyone can work in comfort.

8. No Costly Servicing

It’s said that for every year of operation in which a split system aircon is not serviced, it loses 5% of its efficiency. After 3 years therefore, the efficiency of the unit will have decreased by 15%. Having a conventional air conditioner serviced and inspected by a licensed expert at least once every year is costly. Personal portable aircons, like Close Comfort’s unit, on the other hand, required minimal maintenance which you can easily do yourself, saving you a significant amount of money.

9. Quiet Operation

Close Comfort’s units run quietly (averaging between 46 and 54dB), about the same noise level as an electric fan. That’s considerately quieter than a normal portable air conditioner or a window aircon. Quiet operation makes Close Comfort’s units ideal for using in bedrooms or baby rooms as they don’t disturb sleep.

10. Does Not Dry Out the Air

If you’re bothered by the drying effects of air conditioners, choose Close Comfort. It collects water vapour condensed from the air and recirculates it in the room, so there is no drying effect. Many users have told us that the eye, skin and breathing problems they experienced with normal air conditioners went away when they switched to Close Comfort.

Close Comfort technology is ideal for humid conditions; in fact, it provides more cooling power when there’s more moisture in the air. And since it provides refrigerated cooling, there’s no need for water, drains or emptying condensed water. If you prefer an aircon without exhaust hoses, Close Comfort’s COOL FOCUS unit is an excellent choice.

Person being cooled by Close Comfort and being hugged by Yeti mascot

11. Eliminate Power Bill Headaches

Save at least 75% off your cooling costs due to Close Comfort’s patented energy-efficient technology. Our units cost less than $0.50 a night to run or under $43 over 3 months (at 8 hours a night using the EMA’s maximum electricity tariff of 19.6c per kWh) compared to other comparable portable air conditioning units.