Hidup Hemat Dengan Coolzy


Runs all night for only >Rp 5,000

2 Year Warranty

Real Air Con (no water/ice needed)

Worlds most energy efficient AC; only 340 watts

Coolzy products are now on sale in 32 countries worldwide

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Hidup Hemat Dengan Coolzy


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The Coolzy is portable and convenient. It operates with no water, exhaust hoses or window kits. The best bit is that uses just 340W of electricity. This means our units cost less than Rp5,000 a night to run, up to 75% lower than traditional portable air conditioners.

Awards for Best Portable A/C 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021
Portable A/C Ramadhan Special 2024
Winner 2024 Best Portable A/C
Best Portable A/C for meditation 2024

What makes Coolzy unique

Ultra low power
> Rp5,000 a night to run

Noise level 44dB - 54dB

Smaller, lighter - Only 15.4kg

Instant cooling, no need to wait
3650 BTU

Cool your work or study space

Need to be cool while working at home or in a small space?

A Coolzy directs refrigerated cool air to you so there’s no need to run air conditioning throughout the house.

Works just as well to keep you cool in large spaces like warehouses where fans or aircons can be ineffective.

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Remote Control

Only IDR 300,000

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Like a
blanket of cool air

Use a Coolzy in your bedroom to focus cooling to both you and your partner or in your kids’ room. No skin being dried out by air blasted from above you or fans recirculating the same air that’s already in the room. Our unique Igloo Tent has been specifically designed to keep you extra cool during the day or night.

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Say goodbye
to power bill headaches

Save as much as 75% off your cooling costs due to Coolzy’s patented energy-efficient technology. Our units cost less than Rp5,000 a night to run.

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Let us compare



traditional portable A/C

Portable AC

Traditional AC

Ceiling Fan

Designed for:Personal cooling
5 - 10°C apparent
3 - 4°C room coolingCooling a crowd
10-20°C cooling
~2°C apparent cooling
Electricity used:340W.
~Rp5,000 per night
1800 W
Rp25,000 per night
400-2400 W
Rp15k - Rp30k per night
50-90 W
Rp1,000 per night
Installation cost:Rp0Rp0Rp20mRp2m
Noise level:45-55dB
low, medium, high
Portable: 15.4kg35kg
Outdoor use:YesYes