Small Room Ventilation for Portable Air Conditioner

A Coolzy removes energy (in the form of heat) from the air and blows the cool air back towards you. The energy that is removed cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred. A Coolzy transfers this energy to the air that exits the rear of the machine. It is a combination of the 1100 watts of energy that was removed from the cool air, and the heat generated by the machine’s internal components. In a small room, we recommend dealing with this warm air by ventilation. 

On this page we explain how to improve ventilation so that the warming effect isn’t felt. This results in only cool air being left in the room.

You can choose from five solutions:

  1. Order a Short Tail to direct warm air out of a nearby doorway or window;
  2. Order Long Tail to connect your Coolzy’s warm air outlet to the nearest window;
  3. Order an Igloo Bed Tent for your private sleeping and workspace with concentrated cooling;
  4. Use a pedestal fan to improve room ventilation;
  5. Complement Coolzy with a central exhaust fan to pull warm air out of your home or office at night.

Where Does The Warm Air Go?

As we’ve stated, we can’t destroy energy but we can move it. When we remove the heat (energy) from the air that the unit blows towards the person, the energy needs to go somewhere. This video tries to explain:

Option 1: Order a Tail for your Coolzy

We developed unique technology (currently being patented) that directs warm air from Coolzy towards an open window or doorway up to 3 metres away, without warming the room air.

The tail clips on to Coolzy’s warm air outlet. The adjustable nozzle focuses the warm air into a precise jet. The jet extends for several metres so you can send the warm air out of a nearby window or doorway.

Coolzy tail directs a precision jet of warm air wherever you want to send it

The warm air jet will easily pass through a venetian blind set at the right angle, and an insect screen as well.

Tuck the tail under a curtain.

or, point the tail towards a partly open door.

2. Option 2: Order a long tail

The long tail connects your Coolzy’s warm air outlet directly to a nearby window.

Your Coolzy can be up to 1.2 metres from the window.

Option 3: Order an Igloo bed tent

Enjoy a real glamping experience with your comfy private sleeping and workspace, cooling equivalent to a split, and an even lower electricity bill.

Your Igloo tent concentrates the cooling just where you need it, and reduces your Coolzy energy consumption at the same time.

Here is an Igloo tent in a small bedroom. The tent also keeps out mosquitos.

Igloo tent and Coolzy portable air conditioner

Your private sleeping space:

Coolzy portable air conditioner cooling couple in tent

Or, a cool playspace!

Coolzy portable air conditioner cooling woman and child

Option 4: Use a pedestal fan

You can even place the fan outside the room, even outside an open window.

Option 5: Install a low-speed central ventilation fan

Slow speed ventilation fans provide a quiet means to draw cooler night air through the building from sometime after sunset till just after dawn. Provided the outdoor temperature is no higher than about 24 °C, the cooling effect of the fan when it is running is equivalent to several split air conditioners, yet the power consumption is typically 300 Watts for a 900 mm diameter fan.

This arrangement complements your Coolzy. The gentle flow of outside air drawn in through windows ensures that Coolzy’s warm air is removed quickly.