Brilliant portable air-conditioner. First of all I found that not only the air-conditioner itself but also the extras … tent and carry bag are of very high quality and very reasonably priced. The unit I purchased has the remote control and allows the temperature and fan speed to be adjusted, I like to sleep with a bit of a cool chill and I adjusted the settings accordingly. Now finally getting a really really good night sleep even on the hot humid nights. Very pleasantly surprised how cheap it is to run the unit the whole night. One of the best purchases I have ever made !!!!!
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Martim F. / Product Review


We’re in the middle of a 40 degree heatwave in Perth, WA. The rental I live in only has aircon in one room of the house and since our house was built in the 1920’s, it doesn’t hold the cool well in summer. I’m not sure I’d be able to sleep at night without my Coolzy.
We’re also in the middle of an extended period of time working from home (thanks Covid) so having my Coolzy next to me all day long is a saviour.
Obviously a personal air-conditioner isn’t designed to cool a whole room, just the close area in front of the unit, so my cat has love…

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Matt F / Product Review


I’ve been using this for a couple of months. I wanted an air conditioner that didn’t need open windows as I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with my windows open. I also wanted something portable that I could use in my study while WFH. This really only works for one person or two people sitting side by side (or sleeping side by side). Even on the coolest setting (17 degrees) it’s not really cold like a typical air conditioner but it does make me feel cool and comfortable even if it’s a 35 degree day and very humid. It has to be very close to yo…
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Steph / Product Review


This is how I have the coolzy set up all over my (rented) house and home office. It may not be for everyone but it works for me in this set up and I love it. Using the igloo tent reminds me of building a fort for when I was a kid and this just makes it so much more fun. In one of the photos, I have the unit set up in a big camping tent in our balcony where my two small kids hang out and play. I cut out a small window for the coolzy unit, works really well all day.
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Carol / Product Review


Thank you so much to the inventor of this product. He has thought of everything. We live on the Gold Coast/Australia where the humidity can get really high with exhausting heat for a very long time. We were getting very nervous about entering into another long humid summer but I don’t think we will have a problem at all. We tested it on a hot day and was amazed at the cold air that came out of this very small & stylish Unit. Easy to move around as the castors run smoothly and a nice long cord is provided too. Its a nice compact design, so it doesn’t take up much space, super quiet too. We are very impressed with this unit and will be recommending it to everyone.
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Caz / Product Review


I’m renting a small weatherboard in Sydney. In summer it gets hot! infact, even in spring is starts to get warm. Some nights it’s hard to sleep. Anyway, bought the unit cause it’s portable and doesn’t need install. Means I can take it with me when the rental lease finishes.

So turned it on the other night and boom! kept me cool and got a good nights sleep. Feelin pretty great about it. Would highly recommend.
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Peter W / Product Review


We’ve had our campervan for four years and travel all over Australia. A fan just is enough on really hot humid nights. We always stay where there is 240volt power. We just bought the cool focus model for $629 on promotion from Mitre 10 retailer at Corinda in Brisbane, the only retailer in Queensland. Off we went to Noosa for a week in the last week of January. The unit sits behind our front seats facing directly at the middle of our made up bed about a metre away. The curtain that divides the cab sits between the two open flaps when the unit i…
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Dave Miami Qld / Product Review


I live in Darwin, NT. We are in the wet season now so we use A/C almost 24/7. I finally bought this (the Easy Cool) after reading and watching a lot of reviews online and on YouTube. The Easy Cool is so simple, no remote control, just plug it and open the wings to turn on, thats it! I also bought the tent and focus enhancer accessories so all in all spent $673 (shipping included). It’s not cheap but I’ve spent $500 on an evaporative aircooler before so… and this works so much better than the bulky and noisy evaporative aircooler! This is comp…
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Carol / Product Review


Close Comfort COOL FOCUS is a portable air conditioner with just 300 Watts of power, compared to the 5,000 Watts of our refrigerated cooling solution. So for example, if we have to pay 30c per kWh, running the refrigerated cooling for an hour will cost us: 5kWh * 30c = $1.50. If it runs through the whole night for 7 hours, that’ll cost us 7 x $1.50 = $10.50 per night! If you have a reverse split system, it’s probably about half the cost, depending on the power.

If something like the COOL FOCUS is used, it’d cost us 0.3kWh * 30c = $0.09 per hour! If it runs through the whole night for 7 hours, that’d cost us 7 x $0.09 = $0.63 per night. HUGE difference.
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Michael Aulia /


I have an office at the front of the house with a large glass window, which gets the morning sun and heats up the room. This portable air conditioner from Close Comfort is the perfect device to cool just this room. If later in the day I decide to spend time in the Rumpus, or living room, it’d be easy to move the air conditioner there as well.

This product is fairly special given it’s designed in Australia, by a company that has invested in creating the best portable air conditioning products for more than a decade. All things considered the Close Comfort Cool Focus portable air conditioner does what it’s designed to do and does it well.
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Jason Cartwright /


Close Comfort portable air conditioners are distinct from other devices – the single unit is truly portable and lightweight without the need for installation, water or a window duct to run, just simply plug it in.

The Close Comfort unit has appeal to a broad range of users, but could well be of interest to the RV market for anyone on mains power camping or who can generate their own.
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Tim Scott /


This personal airconditioner is very effective at cooling you down from 1-2 metres away and genuinely feels like refrigerated cooling, which it is. I have purchased it to cool my personal space down over summer.
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RoM / Greater Melbourne Vic


Incredible energy saving, and great performance in temperature dropping. I purchased it with a tent, and no more hot and intolerable nights for my husband and me. I can keep it on overnight with less than $1 electricity fees. Also much better than a fan or a central air-con when I’m working alone. Very flexible, very quiet, and very efficient. Thanks for the good product.
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Serene / Product Review


In many cases personal cooling provides more than sufficient cooling (and indeed can be more thermally comfortable). The energy savings of adopting widespread personal cooling could be massive.

The big advantage of this type of portable AC is that its rated power capacity is about 1/5 of that of a conventional portable device (300W cf 1,500W). There is also no need to use the very cumbersome flexible exhaust pipes which restrict where the conventional portable space cooling devices are able to be located.
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Dave Southgate /


I just want to thank you for this amazing invention. I have a split AC in one room, but now I can go to the other rooms and have just enough cool air to be comfortable anywhere in my home. Thank you!

Wendy / Purchased two AC units


Congratulations to the team for such an amazing invention. Very impressive! I enjoy it in 39 degrees and can’t thank Close Comfort enough for saving my life 🙂 It’s so cheap to run! It doesn’t take up room! I searched for 3 weeks before I called you guys 🙂

Fiamma / North Queensland


This invention is absolutely fabulous. I live in a large rented house and the landlord won’t allow me to install an air conditioner. It’s so helpful for me.