Caravan and Camper Trailer Portable Air Conditioner

#1 Rated Low Power. Portable A/C for Campervans.

A Coolzy is the perfect balance between size, cooling power and energy consumption. It is the perfect companion for a camping trip, an off-road adventure or the big lap around Australia.

Coolzy Portable Air Con in a pop top caravan
Coolzy Portable Air Con in a pop top caravan 2
Coolzy Portable Air Con in a pop top caravan 3
Coolzy Portable Air Con in a pop top caravan 4
Coolzy Portable Air Con in a pop top caravan 5

Refrigerated Air Conditioning for your Camper Trailer

  • Only 55 cm tall, 15.6 kg (packed), easy to carry
  • Simple: no pipes, no water, no installation
  • Only 340 Watts, easy to run on off-grid power
  • Concentrated cooling where it counts, feels cooler than other portables
  • Instant cooling, no need to wait
  • Australian invention, patented focusing technology

Best Portable Air Conditioner for Aussie Travel

Are you fearing hot nights with droplets of sweat running down your face because you have decided to hire a caravan or camper trailer for your holiday and a heat wave is coming?

Coolzy is a portable air conditioner that is small, compact, and easy to use while you are enjoying your camper trailer. Coolzy uses Australian technology to provide a truly portable and mobile air conditioner that only requires power to work and no pipes.

The traditional solution is a built-in caravan air conditioner that will cost around $2,000 – $3,000 to install in your van or RV. What are the alternatives?

What can you use to enjoy life outside your vehicle in comfort?

Best portable air conditioner for caravans in Australia

Coolzy is Australia’s first portable and mobile caravan air conditioner voted the best portable caravan air conditioner in Australia. Weighing only 15 kg with no additional pipe system necessary, Coolzy removes all the limitations of other evaporative and refrigerated air conditioning units and adds additional performance and convenience with this independent camper AC system.

Coolzy was invented by Professor James Trevelyan in Australia to cool people, not rooms or caravans. He realised that people just need a gentle flow of cool air on their face and upper body to feel cool. Your feet, hands, legs and knees don’t mind the heat as long as your face is cool. A tiny refrigerator with a fan inside could blow cool air just where it is needed.

And that is a Coolzy.

Concentrating cooling where it counts.

What do I need for a Coolzy AC to work in my caravan?

The best thing about Coolzy is that it’s truly portable. No hoses to lug around. All you need is a small generator or battery/inverter system and you’re good to go.

We recommend a decent 5 kWhr solar-battery system with a 1,500 Watt inverter to easily run Coolzy through the night with reserve for some other appliances. Learn more here.

Coolzy portable air conditioner with generator

Portable caravan air conditioner – Why Coolzy?

Coolzy can keep you cool while you sleep. It’ll blow cool air just over the bed. Users report the best results when aiming it towards their faces and head.

You can use Coolzy outside too, for those still hot nights when sweat would run onto the pages of your book, or worse, into the keyboard of your laptop. Move it where you use it. Set up Coolzy to keep you cool with a clear mind while you prepare your gastronomic feast.

Now here’s one of the great advantages of life with Coolzy. Use it on holiday and at home. It’s not like the built-in caravan air con that stays unused for month after month, parked outside with no one to cool. Move it inside to cool your bedroom or maybe an office space while you work from home.

Coolzy-Go Shop Image Sold Out
Coolzy-Go Shop Image Sold Out
Product Review Award White

Coolzy-Pro is a awards winner for the Best Portable Air Conditioner 2022 based on customer reviews. Learn more here.

The Best Portable A/C for Van Life and Camper Van Conversions

A Coolzy is perfect for camper vans as it is an ac unit that can run on battery power (with an inverter on a battery bank). It can be used in the living area because it is a quiet portable A/C and has different fan speeds. The cold air comes from it’s 1100 watt cooling capacity.

It’s important to remember, when carrying out your van conversion, a van lifer should consider any hot air that a portable A/C creates. A Coolzy handles this by attaching a Long Tail to vent the air making it more effective than some of the window air conditioners that are available on the market. So when planning your van life, don’t forget to consider a Coolzy portable A/C!