Long Tail w/Window Kit


The Coolzy Long Tail is an Add-On that expands the Coolzy portable air conditioner’s versatility. It’s purpose is to direct the warm exhaust air out of a window by connecting the Coolzy to the window via a hose. The Long Tail also has a nozzle with a flexible pipe that allows the user to point the warm air in any direction.

The Long Tail was designed for customers that prefer to use a hose pipe to evacuate the warm air that the Coolzy extracts, from the room entirely. The best application for the Long Tail is in a small bedroom or a Caravan (Camper Van). This means that the warm air will not accumulate in the small space and the user will enjoy the benefit of the cool crisp, refrigerated air.

The Coolzy Long Tail can be purchased in a bundle with the Coolzy-Pro or Coolzy-Go.

In stock (can be backordered)

*Focus Enhancer not included

*The Long Tail Comes with window kit for sliding window


“Brilliant portable air-conditioner.... I like to sleep with a bit of a cool chill and I adjusted the settings accordingly. Now finally getting a really really good night sleep even on the hot humid nights. Very pleasantly surprised how cheap it is to run the unit the whole night. One of the best purchases I have ever made !!!!!”
Martim F. Purchased December 2021

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“We bought this product because we can't afford to run our split system all night. So far, since purchasing it, we've noticed our electricity bill has been significantly lower. We feel good about using it because we're conscious of carbon and also because we don't like sleeping with our split system on as the air gets too dry.”
Stephen A. Purchased November 2022

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“We're satisfied with the product. Our son lives on campus and we'll likely buy one for him too. Support Aussie innovation I say. We will be telling our friends about the Coolzy as it was money well spent.”
Florence Stone. Purchased August 2023

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personal cooling

Our portable air conditioner is an affordable refrigeration solution. Light, portable, convenient, no pipes, no water, no ice, no installation and can be used anywhere, even outside in sheltered places.
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Effortless Cooling

A Coolzy creates a cool microclimate within the room. It uses special patented technology to focus a stream of cool air and send it towards you, keeping you comfortable and avoids cooling empty spaces.

Environmentally Friendly

Our vision is to provide affordable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient globally. Coolzy uses only 340 Watts, saving you money and decreasing your carbon footprint for a sustainable lifestyle.

Off Grid Power System

Can be powered by caravans, boats or wherever 240V power is available. Works with batteries, solar with suitable inverter (not supplied) and small generators.


Remote Control

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Coolzy, Coolzy-Pro, Coolzy-Go

Igloo Adapter


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Coolzy-Pro, Coolzy-Go

Igloo Adapter

High Foot Board

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Coolzy-Pro, Coolzy-Go

Focus Enhancer

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Coolzy-Pro, Coolzy-Go

Short Tail

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Coolzy-Pro, Coolzy-Go

Long Tail

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Coolzy-Pro, Coolzy-Go