Partners with The Fred Hollows Foundation


Professor Fred Hollows, AC (1929-1993) is an Australian icon. Famous for helping people in need, particularly people who were sick or poor, Hollows was named Australian of the Year in 1990.

Throughout Fred’s life he used his expertise as an ophthalmologist to help those who couldn’t afford or access basic eye care. Recognising that poor eye health and avoidable blindness were both causes of and consequences of poverty, Hollows believed it an indictment of any society to allow the incidence of such conditions to reach the levels he observed in Australia.

Set up in 1992, The Fred Hollows Foundation now works in over 40 countries and has restored sight to millions of people. and The Fred Hollows Foundation share a common belief that all people, wherever they are, deserve access to the same level of health and comfort, not only those living in cities or developed countries. began a partnership with The Fred Hollows Foundation in 2019 to support The Foundation’s efforts to restore sight to thousands of Australians in need.

Through our partnership, is proud to provide funding to this important work across Australia.

“When I realised that hundreds of millions of people around the world simply go without a sound sleep for months in summer, this (air conditioning) project took on a special significance for me and my family. We hope that, one day, everyone who needs cooling for sleeping or working should have a healthy and affordable solution, without compromising sustainability or the global climate.”Professor James Trevelyan, Inventor & Founder, Coolzy Pty Ltd.