Australia’s Hottest Temperature Record to Break!

Western Australia’s Pilbara region might get hotter than 50.7C this weekend! ABC News reports that there is an extreme heatwave heading for the Pilbara which includes Australia’s hottest town, Marble Bar. We at Coolzy are very familiar with Marble Bar, having done extensive research and testing there to perfect our Australian designed air-conditioning technology. Here’s a vid showing some behind the scenes, genuine reactions to our product from REAL residents of Marble Bar, Australia’s Hottest Town:

When testing the Coolzy Cool Focus in Marble Bar, residents were very pleasantly surprised that such a small, lightweight and energy efficient unit could tame their extreme temperatures. Sadly, with global temperatures continuing to rise, we’re going to see more extreme heat records set.

So with all of this roasting heat, you’re probably wondering:

What is the best portable air conditioner?

The answer is Coolzy! Our small portable air conditioner just won Best Portable Air-Conditioner from

Coolzy Best Portable Air Conditioner

Winner Best Portable Air Conditioner
Coolzy Wins best in class for Portable Air conditioning

So when someone asks you, how do you survive a heatwave? Your answer should be:

You need a Coozly!


Coolzy Best Portable Air Conditioner